Plastic Paddys - just go home.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Wija, Jun 23, 2009.

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  1. The Paddy Taliban - cairde na heireann - are apparently planning a protest march in Glasgow against the men and women attending in that parade/celebration.

    These f_cking vermon do my nut.

    I hope they do turn up, and are ripped a new arse.
  2. That's the price of a free society, GT.
  3. Freedom of speech and all that - can't see a problem.

    People have the right to go out and say, march, protest and proclaim what they want - I reserve the right to ignore them.
  4. That's right, the thing about having the right to free speech is people can say cnutish things when they please. Best to ignore them, I don't want to give them the satisfaction of making me angry.
  5. Yeah, free society. Our right to batter them is protected aswell you know, two way thing...

  6. In a society where the Black Police Officer's Assoc is not racist, but the BNP is..... 2 wrongs etc etc...

    I do not condone anything the BNP say or do.

    I do however, stand up for the right to batter Irish Republicans with big sticks on the shores of the United Kingdom, as should be my right as a British citizen.
  7. The law states that certain associations which cater to a minorities needs may be exempt from parts of it. The BNP is not an association, it is a political party.

    The best place for a decision about the legitimacy of the BNPs acts is in the courts - which is where it looks to be headed.

  8. No mate, the existence of a Black Police Officers Association, legally exempt or not, is completly indefensible. Racism is racism is racism. Just because it's black on white doesn't give it any legitimacey.

    The whole logic behind 'positive' (sic) discrimination is that it heals the rift that occured before. Well that's a load of tosh... surely resentment against minorities is going to increase if they are favoured for a job, ignoring ability? And it's proven, where before in this country there was never any institutional racism, nothing stopping anyone or any background (excluding catholics, oh hang on, catholicism isn't a race..) from doing exactly what they wanted to do, we now make a distinction between races.. and funnily enough the BNP has more support, evidence of resentment? I think so.

    If we are to take racism as being intrinsically wrong, by all means introduce laws and measures to counteract it wherever it occurs. But don't try to fix the balance by being racist the other way.
  9. Oh aye? Is the BNP not catering to the needs of a minority then? So you are admiting that they represent a considerable number of Briton's?

    More to the point, the legitimacy of the BNP is a question for the ballot box, not the courts.
  10. I did not think that Black people could be racist???

  11. So do the labour party discriminate against tories by not allowing them membership and vice versa?
  12. On Saturday?

    We were going to the Edinburgh parade on saturday but it will be the Glasgow one now!
  13. Unless, of couse, it's outside the House of Commons...
  14. These people are scum don't rise to there bait if Eire is that great they should all **** off back home, the Famine is over ppl!!
  15. Yes they do, discrimination as a concept is fine. If i was interviewing people for a job, I would discriminate between better qualified candidates than lesser qualified, common sense.
    Discrimination becomes a problem when it is based on race or religion to a lesser extent.
    King's dream was that people would one day be judged on the content of their character rather than the colour of their skin, not that they would not be judged at all.