Plastic-Pad? ("living-in-sin")

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Telemech2005, Aug 6, 2005.

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  1. I am a 34 yo Cpl, (Telemech, in the Royal Signals), and have been living with my Girlfriend for the last 3 years. I am currently serving in Germany, and on my posting to Germany I had to personally fund all removal costs for mine and my girfriends effects from Norfolk which was'nt cheap but was certainly worth it in the end.

    Not wishing to rant on, but......

    1. Why, when I try to claim RES-POD, (from my very expensively hired flat), I was told "It was your choice to live out so you can choose to pay for the priveledge" AGC-god bless them!

    2. When I formally request permission, (from the Stn QM), to occupy any vacant premises, (i.e. empty MQ's) - "None available", however there are at least 30 'Puma'd' houses on JHQ that have been sat empty for the last 8 months.

    3. I love my Girlfriend...So much so, that last weekend I took her to Antwerp and bought her a huge engagement ring,(Shes very happy) I am committed to her and unlike some scrotes, can prove through joint bills that we are a long-term couple who are committed to each other. But why.....

    4. ... does a Female, (siggy/pte), straight 'out-of-the-factory' get 'knocked-up', (within 2 months of getting to this unit),and then automatically qualifies for housing?

    5. To really take the P***, this individual lives next to one of my workmates. He reports that this individual has a new boyfriend every night of the week....and they usually park in his parking space which really grips his s**t.

    The question is: Why, I, as a serving member of HM Forces, am I not eligable for Accomodation, (be it MQ's or not) after being in what would, (in the UK), be called a common-law relationship. If I ever leave the Army, (Which is very possible at the moment), it'll be because of it's Victorian attitudes.

    I know I am not alone in this situation-they say it's going to change, but when will the Army catch up with the fact that people who are not married might actually live together!!

    You Plastic-Pads, input appreciated!

  2. You won't get Respod but you should be entitled to RILOR. However you have to apply within first 6 months in your unit (so prob not much help then), something to bear in mind for next posting
  3. Write to soldier, you may get an official answer.
  4. Just another point, if you live out you are entitled to furniture move/storage just the same as a pad, again I know it's a bit after the fact but when you move next time............
  5. if you love your girl , then you will marry her .

    you are in the british army and there are rules and regulations.

    this lady may have circumstances which you dont know about .

    just think if the british army give housing to every squaddie who as given his mrs a engagement ring there would be no housing for the guys who have married there wife and there children.

    there is no such thing as living in sin it is not legal.
    if you marry you are signning a legal binding contract
  6. I'll try to push my way through the ranting and shine the light of quiet, calm sanity into this post! :)

    1. It is your choice, and it has nothing to do with the AGC(SPS) either. Try and get RILOR but it may be too late now - you should let them know in the first 6 moths of your posting.

    2. I believe that certain 'PUMA'd' houses in JHQ are awaiting formal transfer, and therefore they are not ready to be given out.

    3. Congratulations.

    4. Single servicewomen with child receive MQs to prevent them having to live in SLA. In fact, they are entitled to them before they actually birth. I like to think of this as being a very small price to pay for the extremely beneficial effect on our public image, as well as making good sense.

    5. There are no laws governing sexual promiscuity per se, and issues regarding car parking should be taken up with the GSU, as they own the road space on behalf of the Stadt. Annoying? Yes. Part of life? Yes.

    Anyway - go and ask for RILOR! :)
  7. Also as of 01 Aug 05 as a single soldier who moved into privately rented accommodation by choice you are entitled to disturbance allowance of the whopping sum of £469.00. No where near as much as a real pad, but it's better than a kick in the teeth. Never forget the old adage of, 'It's a pads army. always has been, always will be!!'
  8. Disturbing, to say the least!
  9. :D :D Cynical-Subbie
  10. C-S and Squirt - well done for stamping on the troll.

    However, may I draw your attention to this:


    Please do not post/copy/quote ANYTHING from muppets with this in their medal block. It means they are cnuts and are to be ignored. Completely. Even to refer to these cretins by name is wrong.

    Now do some work. Or sunbathe.
  11. Darth- The sign of the cnut needs to be more widely distributed. I thought it was someone with a sense of humour, rather than a troll, with none!
  12. I must admit DD, I did wonder how that was placed in the medal block.
  13. C-S and Bagdaddy - noted - I did wonder whether anyone would twig.

    A thousand apologies if you feel I was being unkind or harsh.
  14. Telemech,

    Congratulations. I do not wish to p on your parade but can I draw your attention to this quote from CGS's Briefing Team's Report.

    The part in bold is personal CGS's response:

    I think this covers your question about getting an MQ in the first place. Of course, this might enrage you even more! The Army will catch up in due course.

    Ref the 'slutty' behaviour, shurely single soldiers being entertained by her should have a pass to visit the patch... again, this is a GSM issue.

    You can read the rest of the report, kindly provided by Darth Doctrinus here:

  15. I would suggest "hideously geekily provided" would be more accurate!