Plastic explosives cache found in NY Graveyard.

Military C4 found in a New York Cemetary.
Seems a bit odd with the notes left with it and the fact the Sky news reports it was first found a year ago and has been left in situ!

(they also say it's the same as was used on 7/7? I thought that lot brewed up their own explosives? C4 would have made a far bigger mess surly?)

BBC News - Explosives found in bag in New York cemetery
It's messy, and don't call me surly.


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I picked the wrong day to give up sniffing glue

Back on thread. It seems fair enough to leave it where it was found and put eyes on it to see who comes to collect it. We did it enough in NI.
As for the same used on 7/7. If it is then its not c4. Press speculation I should think.
C4 is pretty hard to come by. Explosives used for demolition can be bought with little more than a permit and a drivers licence in Nevada and a few other states. When I lived there a few years back a load was stolen from a site and the feds went nuts. A couple of teenagers were arrested trying to sell it to another site. Pretty scary.
Fair one. It'll be interesting to see where it came from. Makes you wonder why no-one came back for it.
How long before the conspiracy theorists say its what's left over from the controlled explosions at the twin towers.

*puts tin foil hat back on*
Who knows. Maybe even the bad guys were on to the surveillance were 'watching the detectives' as the songs says. I have no idea. Why I have posted that I have no idea I also have no idea.
I know nothing. I know less than nothing. If I knew that I know nothing, then that would be something. But i dont.
Don't what?
There has been a bit more detail in the news here in the US. It was not a case of authorities watching it. I gather a cemetery worker (none too bright an apparently with limited english) found it a year ago, did not know what it was and put it near the maintenance building. Recently a volunteer who gardens/landscapes in the cemetery found it and reported it to NYPD. Quite a historic cemetery too.

edited to add: Linda Fairstein, a US mystery writer who sets her stories in NYC. had a mystery involving this cemetery called "Lethal Legacy". Ms Fairstein is a former prosecutor and IIRC was a founder of the Special Victims Unit involving the NY DA and NYPD. The TV show SVU is based on her old unit.

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