Plastic chair throwing .... Englands new national sport ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by knuckle_dragger, Jun 25, 2006.

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    After a second night of disorder in Germany it was great to see that the England fans not subject to the 3600 banning orders have managed to keep up the standards of previous plastic chair throwing events in European town squares. There were some considerable distances reached with the standard plastic chair. Is it now studied on the curriculum at Bath and Loughborough sports science departments ? A top performance from the tatooed f****wits. I'm just waiting for the call from the Labour party for us non English types to support your endeavours :D
  2. There were some truelly legendary distances being achieved by the said fans. Particularly by that white chair that went over the polzei and straight in to the bosch lines. Whoever threw the green chair early on needs to work on their upper body a bit more. poor show.

    But not a bad idea for a sport taht Britain could invent, dominate and then hand over to another country.

    For the true advocate of the art though, has got to be sun loungers, mit or oder beach towls.
  3. Ah... noticed the cunning use of substituting England for Britain there nice one. Do you by any chance work for the BBC ? Or Gordon Brown ?
  4. I was speaking to Lardbucket McNasty on this matter as he is considering writing an article on this.
    This new sport does seem to be overshadowing the football and he has noticed two major points.

    Garden furniture does not fight back.
    Despite protests to the contrary, the furniture generally has a higher IQ than the thrower.
  5. I hope the Jerry Police gave the Hooligans involved a good fecking beating.
  6. The good news is that B&Q have now cleared their carparks of cars as this area has been set aside for England fans to try out their furniture for the football.

    There is bad news though, you have to pick them up afterwards.
  7. Gents... come on, lets get behind "Our boys". We're really good at this and we are after all at the World Cup. Me dad gave us a quick call earlier, going on about how it different in his day..heavier, higher backs, more drag through the air. "You knew you were throwing a chair in them days son".
    Just waiting for New Order to release there chair inspired anthem " Were throwing for England...ENGURLAND"
  8. So,when are those poofs manly enough to start throwing tables also?
    I hope ze polizei had their fun at it too!

    Btw, you not seriously call them "fans" do you?
  9. Yes ..can see the New Order thing much better than the frankly effete Embrace dirge at present but and it's a big but who would replace John Barnes in the "Street Rap" break thing in the song. I believe Jermaine Dafoe is available at the minute...
  10. So,when are those poofs manly enough to start throwing tables also?

    That requires teamwork as they are mostly two man lifts. " Towards the boxheads... hands on lift up "
    Nice to see in the video clip one of the England Fans was doing the calm down moves but didn't spill a drop of his beer in the other hand. top drills fella your family must be so proud.
  11. Apparently English fans picked up the sport from all those happy go lucky, ginger haired toss pots from the Tartan Army who used to frequent London every couple of years for the model of mutual respect that was the home nation game.

    Hmmm, which group of fans was it that ripped Wembley to pieces then set off to Central London for a little more restrained fun?

    To think, many of us English are of the belief that Scotland has given very little to the world of sport other than another whipping boy.

    People who live in glass houses........
  12. I was thinking more like Val Doonican.. he could get a chair rocking in his day. i wouldn't bother Jermaine defoe at the moment, he is putting the finishing touches to his Theo Waldcott voodoo doll after the great success he had with his Owen doll.
  13. Total arrests of all nationalities during the tournament stands at more than 4,000.

    England "fans" arrested 272.

    Looks like more work is required to get our numbers up to equal the other countries then.

    I am sure we will be able to gain some ground in the "who has the worst fans" league table if England get beaten this afternoon.
  14. Wembley 1976

    Now we are talking ancient history.. Euro 1996 central london was a far better display of mindless violence from the England. Or are you saying the tartan Army have ever came close to getting scotland chucked out of a tournament a la italia 90 /France 1998 or Holland/Belgium ? I have been chuffed to rocks that England for the last two tournaments have realised that there is more to supporting their country than hooliganism. I have met some quality England fans professionally abroad that have been working to get rid of the image in these countries. I hoped that the huge amount of banning orders and the increase in families participation would help. Hopefully no pan pipe playing beponched group busking in some town centre will get a kicking today if the result doesn't go the right way a la Euro 96 when German cars got done or England fans knifed a russian student to death in sussex as they thought he was a twist and shout ?
  15. Need curtains?

    The good old home internationals, England at Wembley and yet an away game.

    At least the 'ripping up' of Wembley was done within the alotted time and did not go hugely over budget.