Hi All,

I just know I'm just going to the p!ss ripped out of me severely for this but I'm going to ask anyway..... shy bairns get nowt and all that.

I'm looking to try and lay my hands on unit plaques from any of the following units.

Junior Regiment Royal Signals (26th)
11 Signal Regiment
8 Signal Regiment
604 Signal Troop
200 (20 Armd Bde) Signal Squadron
14 Siganl Regiment (EW)
MRS Detmold
MRS Celle
MRS Osnabruck

I appreciate its a long shot but after many internet searches all I can come up is the corps plaque. - Not what I'm after. Any contact points or pointers in the right direction would be very much appreciated.

Odd really, I thought it was sad to collect these things while I was in.... Living proof we just get sadder as we get older.....

Thanks in advance.....
Arrived Celle I think November 91 (can't remember exactly)
1 Sqn for a couple of months (later called 245) then HQ Sqn
Moved to Osnabruck
Departed Osnabruck and the Army Jan 96
Great Stuff - Thanks.
I'll get on to those companies the next few days.
Will also report progress.
Managed to secure and JRRS (26th) yesterday on e-bay but paid through the nose for it.... 51 quid....
Said I report back.

I picked up a JRRS (26th) on e-bay topped out at 51 quid. Expensive but guess there're not available now so worth it.

Contacted the corps for the 11 Sigs one and that cost 27 plus postage.

I haven't got round to following up the other companies yet but if I get any joy will let you all know....


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