Plantys, Plumbers or Electricians

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by The_0ne, Aug 23, 2008.

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  1. Out of the above which is currently the best trade to do in the engineers for both being in the uk and on tour.

    Also can you retrade from one to the other after a few years?
  2. 1. sparky.

    2. no.

    please do a search before asking the same questions that have been asked countless times before.
  3. I'll second Knocker.

    Sparky, because you never hear the phrase 'Fookin Sparkies' but hear loads of 'Fookin Planties'........

  4. Isnt that because sparkies never use there trade ;)
  5. be a fecking mud-muppet then. :x :x :x :x
  6. You could retrade but it would take the threat of you signing off and saying I'll only stay in if I get to retrade to X trade. I retraded from plumber after a couple of months on the course as it really wasn't doing much for me. Unless you are on a construction tour, part of a maintenence team or are lucky enough to get one of the very few specific trades posts such as the ones with the Navy and RAMC you will hardly ever do your trade as a plumber or sparky when in the UK or Germany. At least as a planty you will do your trade on exercise unlike the knockers who will just spend their time putting in defiles! Oh, they won't be doing that any more as Titan can do that as well!
  7. After doing near on 12 years as an Engr, I have only touched my trade once and that was to put a basin on a wall, whoopie doo! Haven't touched my trade since, oh apart from fitting a central heating system in my house. Wasted really. I have forgotten most of it now.

    Planties are probably the most used trade in the engrs, then diving, but you can't join as a diver, that comes later, if you are lucky.
  8. Ive done loads of my trade.

    Ireland - Multiple jobs from wiring in Sangars, to doing the portable appliance testing for the Sqn. Live line Tapping 11,000 Volts. Under Ground Cabling.

    Kenya - wiring on construction sites, Generators for tented camps (FEPDS)

    UK - Wiring in 3 Phase & single phase pumps with 521 STRE (WD), Trade Instructor for 1 year in Chatham.

    Op's - Wiring in Tented Accom/ Corrie Mechs, Genny Farms.

    Germany - Running Genny's on Ex, MACC Tasks.

    And any little side jobs that came my way.

    It all depends on where you go. I have been lucky, but it beats diging holes or back blading all the time. If your not doing that on Exercise, your filling up HESCO on Op's.
  9. I think it's the first time I am posting on here (maybe second) and I am joining the Royal Engineers in just over a month! Bloody hell!
    Well anyway I am joining as a Plumber due to the waiting list for Electricians being so long (next space was january).
    Is Heating & Plumbing really a step down from Electrician?
  10. ERRRRRRRRRRRRR Yes....Only joking, all trades within the Corps have their own merrits, however you are more likely to use your trade as a sparky on tour than you are as a plumber.
  11. On the other hand, if you go in as a sparkie you'll end up with a toolbox that looks like a fcuking handbag :wink:

    Go blacksmith. The chicks love it. (Do we still exist??)
  12. Me and Knocker must be the exceptions then, i spent 20+ years doing my trade, well 80% of the time for the first 12 years, 30% for 3 years 100% for the remainer.
    Perhaps I am a lucky one.

    Don't use it as much now, but great to be sat across a desk from a contractor trying to sell me an electrical service, without them knowing I am a Sparky, let them dig the bul lsh1t hole first then after a few questions, let it slip LOL



  13. I'd love to see their face when you tell them "Well actually I'm an electrician in the British Army" :omfg: hahaaa
  14. It's the combat engineering that really got me interested in the corps anyway, so if practicing my trade less means doing more combat engineering then that's fine by me!
  15. I just passed ADSC at Lichfield earlier this month and I'm going in for Electrician. Every NCO I've spoken to has said that it is one of the best. In the Army you have the chance to gain Craft Award in City & Guilds Electrical Installation 2360 and City & Guilds requirements for Electrical Installation 2381. My plan after this is to aim to study for the 17th Edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations and Part P Defined Scope of the Building Regulations within the Army if possible. Trust me when I say that with those qualifications you can earn up to £70,000 a year as a self employed Sparky in civvy street! As I understand it, the Army will fund you for any qualification that betters you so take advantage of it. And you gain a driving licence with this trade. Don't get me wrong I want to be a soldier and combat engineer but I also want to make the best of the opportunities laid out for me. There is a long wait for technician trades though (I have to wait six months). Just remember to think long term mate, I am. Good luck