Planter Faciitis

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Lizard_Lips, Jan 29, 2011.

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  1. I have planter faciitis in my right foot and have done for about 6 months now. I'm getting phsyio but it's not doing much.

    I've got stretches and exercises to do but like I said it's not healing very well.

    Does anyone know of any miracle cures that might help?
  2. If they had a miracle cure, wouldn't they be telling you to do that instead?
  3. 1 - nail a shoe to a tree stump
    2- put foot into shoe
    3- swing at leg just above foot with fire axe , thus removing said foot and your problem

    problem solved , send me a check in the post
  4. LL

    See your PMs

    Old Rat
  5. LL, I had plantar fasciitis for months back in the late 90s. it became almost crippling in the mornings - couldn't walk properly for about half an hour after getting up, and it felt like the sole of my foot was bruised all the time.

    the cure was cortozone injection. an incredibly painful site to have it, in through the side of the heel. it actually took three attempts over several weeks before they finally hit the right spot with the third attempt - and problem solved forever. some indication of how bad the PF got, when you voluntarily have 3 excruciatingly painful injections in the hope of getting rid of it...

    other things that helped - getting ******* good running shoes and trainers, and full sorbothane insoles for all shoes. didn't cure it, but helped stop it coming back i guess.
  6. I'll be watching ziz thread carefully.

    Its a right ******

    one of those gucci podiatrists may help
  7. I've had the cortisone injection in two limbs..they did it under ultrasound, amazing stuff. worked wel on knuckles and elbow, I'm gonna bully my GP into doing my heel
  8. I had this last year and as weel as the stretches I also had a series of ultrsound applied to both feet which seemed to do the trick. I was advised by my podiatrist not to do any running or even jogging until it was fixed
  9. I found that taping my feet up to support the ligaments was agreat help. That and eating ibruprofen like they were smarties.
  10. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    At last a topic I can express an informed opinion on, unlike most where i'm spouting shite :)

    I've had it for two decades now. Every morning its like getting out of bed with two upturned 13amp plugs taped to the bottom of my feet. It put an end to my army career and to my running career.

    couple of things that might help:

    1. reduce the amount of tabbing in boots your doing if you can.
    2. bin your "running" shoes and get into a pair of vibram KSO's
    3. walk around barefoot as much as you can.
    4. dont let a ******* surgeon near you. (although planta fascia release is probably seen as medieval these days I guess. I had it done on both feet three times it just created scar tissue)
    5. Go and pay for one of those dynamic gait analysis were your filmed running on a readmill.
    6. change the way your foot strikes the ground when you run.
    7. check you don't have a pronation problem on one or both feet.
    8. ice pack, ice pack, ice pack.
    9 keep taking the ibuprofen.

    I hope it clears up for you.
  11. I spent five weeks in a pair of these, after a bit of getting used to them they did noticably improve my pain. I actually stated wearing them for another foot issue, Mortons neuroma, which I have in the other ******* foot. Having said that I think its "counter intuitive" treatment

    Falling to bits

    Good thing to ice with is a small bottle of frozen water, just pop it under your foot and roll it around
  12. I had it cured in three sessions of 'Dry needling' at my Chiropractors. He found that my calf muscle had some really bad knots which was pulling tight everything down through my achilles in to my Foot.

    3 sessions, and stretching every 30 minutes for a couple of weeks, and I'm now cured. It worked for me, but I suppose it depends on what is causing it. You may have a spur which is aggravating everything, in which case you will have a harder job getting it fixed.
  13. Cheers for the advice fellas, I'll give it all a go. I like the sound of Matrons cure phsyio on Thurs so i'll mention that to her.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Pain and so much of it, I had it for about 20 years undiagnosed until many years after leaving I could walk no more. I get a cortizone jab every other year or so in alternate feet depending which one is playing up. My GP makes me rest for about 4 weeks, 2 either side of the jab so I tend to get them done when I know I can have a month or so of quiet time. I also select my shoes carefully and wear insoles from Boots for about 30 a pair means i can go ages now without any real dramas. The growth of the nerve endings over the bones in the feet can be brought on by the way you walk or were taught to march etc. I'm sure mine was the hours of marking time at IJLB.