plantar fasciitis

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by JonnoJonno, Jun 5, 2009.

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  1. I have developed mild symptoms of plantar fasciitis on the inside of my left foot, forward of the heel where the arch begins. It is currently only giving me a bit of pain in the morning and when I attempted to hill run. I am calf/foot stretching, taping, taking Ibuprofen and icing the site of the pain.

    As I am looking to increase my time spent on the hills dramatically in the next few weeks, can anyone give me an indication on how long it should take to heel if I cut back on the running? Civvie websites are vague on recovery time (and when they do mention anything it's aimed at obese fat yanks with the healing time of an oak tree), so I would appreciate the opinion of a military physio who may have more experience.
  2. Its more a case of whats causing the pain in the first place rather than how long it takes to heal.

    I mean if you rest it could be better in a fortnight, but if you dont address the cause of the issue, then its its only going to come back again when you hit the hills.

    Read my comments in the Shin Splints thread - very expensive custom orthotics made my shin splints worse and gave me plantar fasciitis. I had it so bad that when I got out of bed some mornings, I had to fcking crawl to the top of the stairs!! I stopped using the insoles - problem cured.

    Every body is different mate and depending on what factors are causing it depends on how long it will take to heal.
  3. Cheers Spenny. The pain is not that acute, and apart from a bit of pain in the morning it's ok. I did a fairly intensive week tabbing and running, and I think my calf muscles were a bit tight, therefore messing my gait up a bit on the run. Funny thing is I have always been active and this has only just crept up. I have new trainers, which I had fitted correctly and my CABs have sorbothane double strikes in them. I'm thinking some heel supports as I build up the bergen weight (I'm carrying about 70lbs now so that won't help my posture I'm sure).
    Cheers for your help,