Plantar Fasciitis Supplements

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by canarybob, Sep 9, 2012.

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  1. I have got Plantar Fasciitis, and it hurts like hell. About a month or so ago, I went to see a podiatrist who scanned my feet and did some tests. Apparently I was walking like a spaz, so now have orthotic inserts (over 300 quids worth) and have been wearing them for about 3 weeks, but my heel still bloody hurts.
    I have heard of a supplement, mostly taken by those body building types, and apparently it is pretty good at repairing tendons and the the like. It is called Super Cissus. Has anyone heard of it, and if so, is it any good. If not, are there any other supplements/vitamins that might help with repairing tendons?
  2. I stretch my foot before I get out of bed in the morning, and it helps a bit. I have heard that the night splints are as uncomfortable as hell, but worth a go you reckon?
  3. I found by taping my foot up with zink oxide tape it held the pain off when I run.
    Got the method on youtube it just stops my foot over stretching and sorta holds my arch up, if I can find the link I will stick it up here for ya
  4. Get some 500mls of mineral water in round bottles and then freeze them - Then put them under the soles of your feet and roll backwards and forwards - This has definately helped me. You can also get two large plastic bowls and fill one with hot and one with cold water and put the foot /feet in hot for two mins and the cold for two mins - five times each. This really boosts the circulation which helps healing.

    Oh and see a good physio - not a podiatrist.
  5. See a doc.

    Supplements are tits...well not complete tits but a poor second to proper medical help, if you have done yourself a nasty the doc will be able to prescribe an actual drug that works.

  6. Heard about the cortizone and want to avoid that like the allergic to pain you see!
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  7. I had this and it does hurt like hell. I used to roll a golf ball under my foot or those spikes balls you put in a tumble drier help too. I was referred to a podiatrist by the physio, was issued orthotics and a couple of weeks later all sorted.
  8. your PF obviously isn't that bad yet then. I volunteered for cortisone - three times before the doc finally got the right spot. yep, it's ******* agony for a few minutes - but when your PF gets to the point that you're in agony every day, you'll be happy to do it. 3rd time cleared mine up for ever.
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  9. Agree with above post by CR. I went for the cortisone injection and although the pain was immense at the time, I now have no pain in my foot.
  10. To be honest, it is ******* agony most of the time. Am overseas at the moment, so cannot see a physio or anything yet. If cortizone is the way forward, and it works, I would go for it. Ordered one of those night splints as advised by Fat Driver and will give it a go. Will try and get to my GP on my return and see what he recommends.
  11. Had the injection myself and despite the physio missing 3 times and injecting into various places in my foot its definetly worth having after 1/2 hour i was pain free. tried all the splints, boot, night time boots etc!
  12. Calf stretches alleviated the pain in mine and so did keeping up running, if I have a couple of days off it seems to get worse and I've found neutral cushioned shoes work best. Luckily for me I've only had it as a civvy so I was able to select less hilly routes- hills seemed to exacerbate it, and I've slowed down. I figured that I'd rather run slower than not at all. I also have a good stretch first thing in the morning. Several people recommended using a night splint.

  13. Ive had this for a good few years and night splint not worked. have found gritting teeth only thing when tabbing. Did hear that cortosone only took the pain away for a limited time so interesting to hear it actually heals it. Can you shed some more info on this. Is it easily available?

    Also heard that pf comes with a heel spur which often agravated tendon.
  14. I'd give the orthotic inserts a bit longer, 3 weeks is not a long time relatively speaking, especially if your condition had got to the chronic stage. I also have inserts to deal with Plantar Faciitis and mine have made a massive difference. Having said that though, i was on to it early doors after seeing a mate of mine wait for a long time before seeking professional help with his and have far more problems than i did. My mate has tried a range of stuff with his but i've not heard of a supplement that helped.
    He wears the night splint and i think that did help. I guess it's a case of trying a number of approaches and finding the ones that work for you.