Plant Ops go on Rampage in Roberts Barracks

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Markintime, Jun 9, 2011.

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  1. hi mate! nice pics albeit sad to see! i have started a post on here just type in 16fd sqn and there are other lnks there too! good luck!
  2. Don't forget 21 Engr Regt, whilst most of the Regt were in Quebec Bks, 45 Sqn were in Roberts.
  3. I see the Bosche are still looking for our escape tunnels.
    We left from the rail flats years ago...
  4. A dam shame, good times had by many a sapper during their time there.
  5. was in Roberts barracks,39 FD SQN 72-75.Happy memories saskat,Eros,winkel,Oxford?(not too sure about that name),on discharge you had to get a signature to ensure you had paid your tab@@@ & Judy's Bar,many a happy night spent there.Also the Hage Tor(old town),the bouncer in saskat i think was big Annie,a Glaswegian.We had a great bar at 39,but got closed down due to Alcoli,alcohic,due to piss heads.A sad loss,beer was that cheap (Amstel,you couldn't buy a bottle you had to buy a crate).They served Tartan & Double Diamond.There used to be a bar in traz served pints of guinness,they reckon the barrels came from Dublin!!?.
  6. Spent nearly 6 years there in total.M
  7. Sorry about that,pressed the wrong key.Spent a total of 6 years there,the first time in 1960,yeah I know, most people on here were'nt alive then.The sign on to gate at that time read HQ 11 Engineer Group which consisted of 25 Corps Engineer Regt,35 CER,7 Fld Sqn and 65 Corps Support Sqn.A total of 8 Squadrons all in the same barracks.It was before the advent of squadron bars,wonder what genius thought of them,and the only place to get a beer on camp was the infamous 'Pit'.Which was in the cellar of the NAAFI building.As could be imagined this place was heaving especially on pay night,every squadron had their own table and it was a brave or foolish person who sat in the wrong place.Went back there about 9 years later and the only squadron still in the same block as previous tour was 16 Sqn.
  8. Best years of my life were spent at Roberts with 12 Nova Scotia! 1987 until they moved the best Squadron in the Corps to Hameln and disbanded it. Happy days!