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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by masher69, Jul 28, 2009.

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  1. my son is intrested in joining up he has looked at gunner and armour , but i think that plant op looks like a good number ? any info please cheers
  2. It is said,by some in The Corps,that Plant Operator Mechanics(POMs) are God's chosen people!
  3. You should have put more emphasis on the word some muhandis89!
  4. I've been a plant-Op for the past 45 years (15 of them as a Sapper). The job has taken me all over the world - not only with the Army - and has provided my family and I with a high standard of living.
    Work hard, play hard, be prepared to get your hands dirty and your round in. You won't find a better job.
  5. And as long as he can eat massive piles of pies, sleep a lot and drink beer he will be okay, if not they will teach him how to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. A good plant operator is worth his / her weight in gold. And it pays well in civvy street too.
  7. that rules out the majority of the corps then, as they only operate big green cable/pipe finders. :x :wink: :x :wink:
  8. if we never pulled up them cables, what would the sparks do apart from their usual 10 hours of tea drinking, see keeping people in jobs! and besides, people like a good light show, especially if we get a gas main and electrics all in one swoop! :eek:
  9. It's a good trade that sets you up pretty well for civvy street. It's one of the few trades that are used most of the time.
  10. There you go, its correctly worded now. Bearing in mind that all plant machines have quite large windows on each side, so they can keep the mud muppets occupied for hours cleaning them with their tongues. If they could fit an ice cream dispenser inside the cab and a Labboon cupboard as well, life would be complete for the average planty. :wink:
  11. I started initially as a plumber, didn't like it so I re-traded to planty.

    Fast forward 2 years and I am in Kosovo on a winter tour. I was up at Gate 2 filling HESCO in my Hydrema. The fieldies (one of whom was on my class 2 plumber course) were wearing full thermals, Norgie, softy, smocks, 95 trousers, full Goretex, artic hits, deputy dog hats and were still cold even though they were working hard. I was in my cab wearing tropic trousers and a t-shirt! Decision to re-trade to POM had obvious benefits.

    Also in the long run POM has great opportunities for specialisation. As a POM you can become a well driller. It is also the only trade where you can apply for Military Plant Foreman, Clerk of Works (Construction) and Clerk of Works (Mechanical). The only other trade where you can apply for 2 supervisory trades is Draughtman Electrical and Mechanical although not many E & M's go Clerk of Works (Electrical).
  12. Greetings
    Despite the hugely amusing (and partly accurate) banter from some of the honourable members here, I would say that that POM is a pretty good choice. The skills picked up stand you in good stead for Mivvy life afterwards, but in between, you get to meet a great bunch of characters, move/spread some serious sh1t, and are able to grin through the b0llockings from some stiff and starchy field mouse about diesel on your boots. That is not to say it is all beer and pies/roses, but the horizon is pretty much limitless if you apply yourself.

    To qualify my remarks above, I do have a vague idea what I am talking about ref POMs, even though I switched to EOD after 25 years as a "mud muppet"!
  13. People joke about fat planties; there were certainly no fat planties in my first troop as the Staffy was J*m R**s who was a Commonwealth rower! In his late 30's he was still doing 7.30 BFTs! He used troop PT as his personal training sessions as well which meant we had lots of fun on phys; NOT!
  14. Masher69, your lad will love being a POM.
    Doing his trade and those of others at the same time.
    Great blokes and troop life and if he's good and green, will be well respected by all.
    Good luck to him.
  15. first troop as the Staffy was J*m R**s

    He ended his run as my Sp Tp Comd as WO1 and was the same fitness freak till the end. Last heard of in Sri Lanka working for the UN.

    As for the trade, not only did I get a full 22 out of it, with some excellent stories for when I get old, but it's also got me over to Oz to carry on my soldiering, who would have thought it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!