Plant Operator Mechanic Info

I Recently passed ADSC at Pirbright, my first job choice being Plant Operator Mechanic,

I have done some research on the internet about the job but the only information i have found is on the Army site and it seems quite basic, i was wandering if anybody had any good links to where i could find information or if anybody in the job or with some knowledge could help me out

i know the basics like where i will be training etc and for how long but i was hoping to find out a little more general information,

im waiting for a start date, just keeping sharp on my fitness and i was wandering if there is anything more i could be doing or books i should be reading?

...."all good info but i have already gathered from other threads that im soon to be an overweight pie muncher"...

Yes you will.

You will also smerk tabs, wear your beret on the back of your head, keep a 6 pack of Herfy in your Muirhill/AllisChalmer/Grader (delete as appropriate) take 11mins 23 to do your BFT personal best - NOT including quick ciggie after first 1.5 miles - you are almost certain to marry some gopping scutter either picked up (literally ) on an Ireland tour or at the Brompton Stomp....(shudder...)

oh .... and have some of the best laughs, best mates and therefore best time of your life.

(...take a bit of advice....DON'T do the 'get married' bit - it just leaves the FUN parts )
You guys got anything else for me, Still waiting for my start date, looks like i might get chance to work on my tan for a few months more yet!
other than mentioned above, the only thing left to work on will be your drinking abilities from warm beer cans whilst standing on your head using hose pipe and funnels. :D
what, there's none left? that's simply not possible, have all of their earring collections gone too ?
I'm sure the daughters have taken up the mantle, there was a couple of 50 year old's that would frequent most of our drinking holes 25 years back, they were nearly dead back then!
all sounds to good to be true!

might have to replace my protein recovery shakes for pies! Stand me in good sted

Also i,ve taken my beers out of the fridge!
is chequers or jokers or what ever the name of the night club next to brompton was, still there to pick up these medway delights?
Some machines you won't be operating!
Oh lordy lordy ! proper POM Tonkas , I spy with my japs eye from top to bottom , BK99H Grader ? Fowler medium dozer with Michy 75ds behind 38RB, and to finish at the bottom Cat D8 mitt ripper , notice if you will gents not a single stupid white placcy helmet or a yellow hi-vis jacket in sight .

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