Plant and Crane construction Courses

I have been looking through the approved providers index in fine detail on the enhanced learning credits website, looking especially for companies that provide training in regards to plant and cranes.

There appears to a complete blank in this sector, not a single company is registered that provides higher qualifications such as a plant managers courses, Crane Appointed Persons course ( NVQ 6 ) or Lifting Supervisor ( NVQ 3 ) or anything else like a CPCS instructors course.

Contacted several well respected companies that do these courses around the Uk and internationally and have received some very helpful info back in regards to course criteria and previous required knowledge, accomodation for course and costings.....but not a single one is affiliated to enhanced learning credits.

What can I do now?

The courses that I am looking for are essential to further my career and are of an international recognised licence/qualification....but enhanced learning credits cannot provide anything at all for my chosen career...I suppose I could go off on a tangent and get a NVQ 3 in sports massage or a NVQ 3 in beauty treatment which are indeed being offered.

Any suggestions as to how I can get help on this, would be most appreciated.

Talk to your resettlement centre, the girl we have where i am is brilliant.

I believe that as long as it is above Lv 3 qual you can still do it. even if not supported or recognised by ELC. You have to produce the course details, contacts etc so they can verify that it is a viable course.

Best of luck.
Yea i agree, I have used two of my ELC claims, I have spoken to the ELC helpdesk directly also. If you phone them they will look at adding the providers, if they are not part of it already.

It's worth a quick call! Good luck

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