Plant A Poppy Day.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by PE4rocks, Jun 24, 2013.

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  1. I saw this over on Faceache and thought it a good idea.

    Poppy Seed linky
  2. I saw this on Arrse and thought it wasn't. Please ask the illiterate instigator to stick to tying scabby garage flowers to crash-damaged lamp-posts in rememberance of Our Kev or Duwayne. This country has far too much cheap, mawkish, faux-grief whoring already.
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  3. Each to their own but as most here will donate to the RBL once a year and I see nothing mawkish about making a very small, local and anonymous mark of remembrance on the 100th anniversary of the slaughter that was WW1.
    If you happen to live in some cesspit that is all tarmac and Tracys' and the only growing is herbal in a an attic then can I recommend you move to a "less-pikey area."
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  4. If you plant enough of them, I understand that you can make quite a lot of money.

    Do RBL accept donations in opium form?
  5. You've convinced me. I'll but some poppy seeds and make some Remembrance Rolls, how's that?

    Again, I'm persuaded to move on the strength of your post alone. Only I'll have to wait until next year to find an area that isn't covered with all the weeds sown this year.
  6. Great, more grief whoring Facebook shite.
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  7. Seems like a plan, try not to let your tears get into the dough, they won't rise as well.

    Next year would be fine, planting in late spring should give a nice late crop. Need any manure or will this do?
  8. So if lots of people planted poppy seeds and they grew quite well, wouldn't they become a bit of a nuisance?
  9. Wild flowers a nuisance? <shrug>
  10. You know taking over flower beds, farmers fields, that sort of thing.
  11. Whilst we're on the subject - the RBL don't actually appear to sell poppy seeds, and your link is to a commercial seller.

    Why not just donate the quid to the poppy appeal and simply be satisfied that you've managed to help a good cause without having to create a spectacle?

  12. What, like this you mean?

  13. Of course it's a link to a commercial seller. Other commercial sellers are available.

    Thank you for your suggestion do you think that option is not followed annually?
    It's a centenary hence my suggestion.
    You and others are free to as you wish.
  14. Perhaps we could round up all those over 25 who have never worked to earn a wage and advance them at a walking pace into withering machine gun fire?
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  15. Yeah, can you imagine if everywhere looked like that? Sorry no sprouts with your Christmas dinner but we can offer you some poppy flowers harvested and frozen earlier in the year.
    What damage would it do to other wild flowers if loads of people started chucking poppy seeds everywhere?