Plans underway to modernise the Reserve Forces & Cadets Association

Plans to modernise the Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Associations (RFCAs) were announced today following a year-long review by the Ministry of Defence.

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All going to be aligned to a local Regiment & Corps so expect badged SAS & SRR in Hereford.
In St Athan they will be 1 Para & UKSFG, in Crawley 4PWRR & in Bristol RMR crack on.
I have never in my life read such a load of old testicles
How much money will we be saving under this plan (less means more &c)?
:cool: Don't be silly. It's about getting a compliant RFCA that shuts up and does what it's told, not point out inconvenient things like "that plan of yours for the Reserves is utter bollocks".

That's not to say that RFCAs are above criticism, because there's a few tossers in there - but I've mostly seen sensible old heads doing their best. The absolute last thing you need in that role is some passed-over regular officer, determined to recover their career by showing that they can make 5% year-on-year savings for the betterment of their OJAR...