Plans to remove 1 level of Army command from Scotland?

Follows speculation about future of regional/regeneration Div HQs in UK. This piece assumes removal of the Divisional level of command, presumably across the UK, with the regional Brigades like HQ 51 (S) Brigade then commanded directly from HQ Land Forces.

From the Telegraph's Scottish editor Alan Cochrane:

Downgrading the British Army’s presence in Scotland plays into the nationalists’ hands

Plans to remove the British Army’s ‘footprint’ from Scotland and move its command structure entirely to England show that Jim Murphy and Iain Gray have failed to recognise the Army's presence as one of Labour’s ‘dividends of Union’, writes Alan Cochrane

As they gazed out over those acres of empty seats and, if they will forgive me, even emptier expressions — early Monday sessions after the first Sunday night of serious socialising are always hard at Labour conferences — I wonder if Jim Murphy and Iain Gray realised what their pals at the Ministry of Defence are up to.

The resignation of Major Gen Andrew Mackay as Scotland’s most senior soldier and Governor of Edinburgh Castle on Friday should have given them a bit of a clue. Did the Scottish Secretary or the leader of Labour in the Scottish Parliament ring this distinguished Scot and ask why he had reached the end of his tether?

Do either of them even have Gen Mackay’s phone number? Has either of them ever spoken to him?

If they had spoken to him, they might have discovered that apart from his huge frustration about the equipment being used by British forces in Afghanistan and the campaign’s political direction, Gen Mackay is understood to be mightily upset by the reorganisation planned for the Army in Scotland.

At its most basic, this move — still, typically, under wraps at the MoD — would see the disappearance, in any significant sense, of the Army from Scotland.

Gone would be Gen Mackay’s role as officer commanding 2 Division, which effectively puts him in charge of all units in northern England, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Gone, too, would be the administrative headquarters of this division, which is currently based in Edinburgh.

What is left of the Army in Scotland would be commanded from elsewhere. One former senior officer speculated that the new HQ would be in Wiltshire...
in full - Daily Telegraph
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