Plans to move The Arch?

Dwarfed by the Odeon that borrowed its name and deafened (if arches have ears) by up to 6,000 vehicles an hour, Marble Arch has a reputation that resonates across continents but less visual impact, to most visitors, than a yurt. In a sense this architectural wonder has become the Big Bollard rather than a monarchical monument with a regal, if peripatetic, past.
If this arch had a voice, it would surely concur with Transport for London and declaim with all the majesty of its 180-year-old carvings: “Put me in the park.” It might add: “I was never meant to be here anyway.” In the early 19th century, Marble Arch served as the main entrance to Buckingham Palace. In an A to Z it shows up as a tiny rectangle in a tangle of highways. In real life, it is fleetingly glimpsed from taxis and seen close-up only by pedestrians who can decode the subway map on which an arch marks the spot.

But why have an arch you cannot walk through with a spring in your step and matching elegance in view? TfL would achieve this by shifting Marble Arch 100 metres southwest into Hyde Park’s northeast corner. There it would provide a pleasing counterweight to Wellington Arch at the far end of Park Lane and give exhausted shoppers an uplifting target as they emerge from Oxford Street in search of deck chairs and daffodils. Technically, an ancient prerogative allows only members of the Royal Family and the Royal Horse Artillery to use the Arch, but, in return for some legal flexibility on the matter of Prince Charles’s marriage, a compromise could surely be found. Move Marble Arch, and the sooner the better. As a traffic island, it is no better than the Arc de Triomphe.,,542-1504437,00.html

Good idea too imo. But they plan to change the area in a pedestrian walkways? Can't see that working - although I would have send the same about Trag Sq.

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