Plans to Make Judge Cherry QC a Baroness

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by uncle_vanya, Feb 7, 2010.

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  1. 'Wail on Sunday'....

    A political row is brewing over a controversial move to give Cherie Blair a peerage – making her the first Prime Minister's spouse to be elevated to the Lords since Clementine Churchill.

    Stewth.... if this really happens, then Teflon will be also probably be elevated to the Upper House. Just what public merit dear Cherry has done in public life to warrant this, is a tad puzzling...

    Then maybe Mr Brown will have to be elevated as well so they can join their Marxist pals like the my Lords Kinnochios, Mandelpersons. Maybe Hapless Harriet and her husband Jack Dromey will also be elevated in due time as well - Baroness and Lord Happless of Harperson.

    It all stinks of the Old Boys network, and the public demise of Neues Arbeits as it sinks into the stench of politcal bullsh*te... :) 8O
  2. I'll put the link on for you, UV, but what the bloody hell and whose idea??

    If she isn't seeking the job, she ought to say so as soon as possible just to clear the air.
  3. Then it's a dead cert.

    This champagne socialist anti-monarchist is so full of her own importance
    that she & Tone the bone will be elevated into the House of Lords before the one-eyed buffoon goes down.
    Her hypocracy knows few bounds - like conceiving their last sprog whilst @ Balmoral.
  4. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Although there would be a certain irony if she were ennobled and Teffers had to be her consort. He would get to wear the ermine only at her inauguration and be in the family gallery. Along with Jamie Lee Curtis.
  5. Are sickbags provided on the Outrage Bus?
  6. No outrage here, just puzzlement as too what shes done to deserve this position??
  7. and yet honours and awards on operations in Afghanistan are rationed .... creeps
  8. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I second this call. Can anyone detail the merits of it?
  9. EUREKA.

    Got it,
    1. She freeloaded her way around the world on Bliars coat-tails.
    2. She influenced him on the EUHR act, and in the process secured a sh1t load of work for herself and the cronies.
    3. Bugger runout of ideas as too what shes done, can you lot help.
  10. Beyond the fact that she's made a lot of lawyers very rich and happy by making sure her husband forced through the EHRA? :roll:

    FFS, this is a woman who once said she felt sympathy with suicide bombers, and charged over £10, 000 for speaking at a charity dinner on behalf of cancer research! 8O

    I literally cannot watch or listen to this ugly, hypocritical, thieving, treacherous whore. Whenever she appears on TV, I have to change channel before the red mist comes down. I can't afford a new TV.
  11. Just like my dear old Dad used to say get enough of them in the House of Lords and they will all vote for its closure with a nice little pension to boot,

    Liabour gave away our empire, giving away our money and way of life
  12. FFS after they put Glenis Kinnock into the HoL it would not surprise me if the gave a peerage to Katy Jorden Price, Lassie the dog, Eskimo Nell, my Sister Belinda, or Dihna of string fame, as long as the vote as told by Mandlescum
  13. I like the cut of your jib. You're not Ian Hislop are you? That has a very Etavirp Yee ring to it.
  14. New Labour Socialists = Millionaire Socialites
  15. My bold.

    Come on, that's a tad unfair. Just because her legs have different post codes.