Plans to extend BST

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by frenchie, Feb 9, 2010.

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  1. Rather boring but as it could affect us.

    Gordon Brown has been quoted in the Telegraph with regards to possibly extending BST.

    Gordon Brown said abandoning putting the clock back by an hour every October was “worthy of consideration” and raised the prospect of a three-year trial.

    Now I wasn't around when this was trialled previously but seems like a good idea to me

    RoSPA propose something different, which is to remain in BST for one year, then the following March advance again another hour to GMT+2. From there on it will remain the same as it is now just we will go back to GMT+1 rather than GMT. They claim that studies show that road deaths will be reduced, Here.

    However this apparently will mean that in parts of Scotland it will remain dark till 10am.
  2. Another vote winning, ill thought-out, never happen nothing. When will this man be put out of his misery?

    PS: If Scotland will remain in the dark until 1000 hrs, so what? Most of the lame-brains and unemployable who will vote for Brown and his Devine-type rubbish, don't get up until round about mid-day anyway.
  3. So thats why he bothered to go out there!!! :D
  4. We should be grateful for his formidable intellect, not only does he now embrace referendums after having denied the population the one they wanted, but also has time amongst the greatest economic disaster ever, a war with no end and a looming election to consider this esoteric nothing.
  5. During World War II, Britain retained the hour's advance on GMT at the start of the winter of 1940 and continued to advance the clocks by an extra hour during the summers until July 1945. During these summers Britain was thus 2 hours ahead of GMT and operating on British Double Summer Time. The clocks were reverted to GMT at the end of the summer of 1945. In 1947 the clocks were advanced by one hour twice during the spring and put back twice during the autumn so that Britain was on BDST during the height of the summer.
  6. Would that matter?
  7. Scotland has never left the dark ages anyway :wink:
  8. Joking aside it would raise the issue of having separate time zones in the UK if this is the case.

  9. Would that matter?

    What about all the kids walking to school in the dark?
    Or waiting at the sides of the roads for buses?
  10. I believe that was one of the problems the last trial caused.

    But RoSPA believe overall the figures will drop as far more fatalities are caused when children disperse at the end of the school day and do not travel directly home.
  11. See.. Scotland is still in the dark ages - they dont have street lamps :lol:
  12. THey have tried it all before leave em as they are two hors either way was always scrspped in the end
  13. Well, I was around the last time this was tried. The papers were full of stories about kids being knocked down in the dark going to school in the mornings (not just in Scotland, either) and "near-misses" etc. There was such a public outcry that this was soon abandoned. Probably just one of those press hysteria things (bit like swine flu) but every time a kiddie got splashed from a passing car going through a puddle, it was reported as a near miss.
    IIRC the Daily Mirror had a campaign to revert to putting the clocks back/forward again because of the dangers to kids in the mornings.
  14. I seem to recall that when explained to some Yokels, that their response was: 'only a politician could come up with that idea, that by cutting a bit off the bottom of a blanket and sewing it on the top, you get a longer blanket'.
  15. Wasn't Double British Summer Time in WW2 introduced to increase production ?
    With that arrangement there are some additional benefits in terms of leisure time in the evenings when families are together .
    I remember the most recent trial to retain BST all year around . I think it was in the 1970's but cannot recall why it was discontinued , I do not think it was because of a dramatic increase in accidents associated with children going to school in the dark .
    If DBST worked for about 5 years during WW2 with all the problems associated with Scotland and school safety then DBST and even BST all year may still have some potential benefits now .

    Edited .... typo