Discussion in 'Sappers' started by diverre, Apr 27, 2008.

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  1. Interesting.

    You see, it'll be handy for them, next time they fancy popping over.

    WTF? As if we want the mines there. Labour central achievement, say no fcuking more. Apply for an extension? What are they gonna do about it? Bloody hell!
  2. Let the sheep do it.
  3. I'd clear a path to the middle and build a mosque.
  4. And then unclear the path?

    *standby for incoming from the PC brigade*
  5. yes m8! I dont think ur a Sapper? We clear with white tape its not a paved one lol. To speed up the clearance it would probably be better to build a DHSS building next to it. It'll be cleared in no time...well as quick as RAF Stanley can fly them in.
  6. PC brigade! Who cares...its listening to them why weve lost our country! Carry on I dont give a damn.
  7. This article is from 2005

    "British sappers cleared 4,500 mines - lying on their stomachs with hand-held prods - immediately after the war, but they lost two men and sustained several casualties. No Falkland islanders have died."

    IIRC Maggie Thatcher said that no more British servicemen would risk their lives clearing munitions in FI.
    The bennies don't seem to mind as far as I know no one has been killed or injured since we stopped mine clearing in FI.
  8. Would the bill for the cost of clearing the mines be paid by argentina?

  9. All the FI minefields are marked and fenced off by barbed wire.
    It's not in the same league as Kosovo or Bosnia where there is a dense population and we don't know exactly where the mines are, so, why bother? they're sinking into the peat anyway!
  10. The FI are a desolate wasteland already if the pictures are to be believed.
    Does your average Falkland Islander care if he cant walk across that "particular" part of the wasteland? Its the size of Wales and for 20 years a few square K have been beyond bounds, Cant the Sappers be used somewhere that Minefields actually impinge on peoples daily lives?
  11. How very ... British.