Plans to build "ethical" war robots

Given that usual explanation for botched attacks is 'poor intelligence' and that machines can only operate on the information that they are given I would have thought that the idea was a load of balls.
That wont commit war crimes?

I thought the whole fun of war robots is that they only have one setting.

They can't make them too intelligent or they'll start getting biff chits for bad ankles and before you know it they'll all have been poached by the catering staff for cooking duties so the chefs don't need to go near the COSHH substances they call food...

Or knowing this government they'll assign the contract to two firms, cancel one at short notice then end up with lots of robots all missing bits, and requiring charging from a 3-pin-plug every two hours.
I seriously hope the shoot/no shoot decision is never placed in AI hands...
Let alone the implications for COIN- sending the Terminator in is going to wreck hearts and minds, the local civpop will think 'Oh, so we're vermin to be controlled with robots now'. Then theres the no win situation- an insurgent pays a local kid a tenner to run out and throw a blanket over the robot's camera, then the insurgent follows up and destroys the blinded robot- with a human soldier he can just tell the kid to p1ss off, with a robot its shoot the kid and get negative headlines, or lose the robot...

more useless sh1t from the spams, like handheld translators, surely better training and psychological evaluation is the way to prevent war crimes, rather than ridiculous robots..


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First things first, eh? When I see a walking, talking, fully-automated robot capable of going out into the field, assessing targets and blatting off some rounds, then I'll start worrying about their morals.

People have been watching too many crap Hollywood movies and ignoring their sciences.
Good choice of picture for the ariticle I thought.

Anyway the Americans have "robot soldiers" all ready.... particularly in the USMC, they generally wear ranks below E-6!


Controlled robots for putting in harms way is one thing, equiping them to kill and destroy is not bad. But giving the robot the "kill, don't kill" choice is insane.