Plans for raising cash for SSAFA & RBL

Last year I completed a 20 mile walk, from Sheffield to Doncaster, in aid of SSAFA. I managed to raise over £500 which wasn't too bad I reckon, as I've never done any charity fund raising before. Info here:

Anyway, I had an injury to my leg not long after I finished the first walk, so training was out for a good while. Now though, I'm sorted and ready to have another bash at raising some funds. So my plan is to organise some more walks, each one increasing in distance and difficulty. This time though, each walk will be in aid of one of two charities. They are SSAFA and the RBL. I'm about half way through building the new website, which as with last time, peeps will be able to view a blog, read about my training efforts, view my progress as I complete the sponsored walks etc. The website is at Home Page | Operation: Sore Feet. As I said though, it's still being worked on and there's not much to look at yet.

This time around, I'm looking for people to join me on the walks, so more cash can be raised. I haven't finalised the walks yet, and am looking for advice on realistic goals to aim for and on the routes etc. but I'm hoping to have that sorted by the end of January. I will definitely be doing at least one sponsored walk next year, probably on the Trans-Pennine Trail, and doing at least 15 miles a day, for at least 4 days. I reckon that would be a good starting challenge. Getting fit for the walks is something I've got to work on asap, as the time I spent tossing it off while my leg was damaged hasn't done me any favours.

If anyone can offer any advice, on the fund-raising side of things, or the walks themselves, I'd be really grateful:thumright: