Plans announced for new military ward at Edgbaston

The MOD and University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust have just announced plans to build a new military hospital ward for injured soldiers in Birmingham.
VarSity said:
Will this actually mean more bed space?
As I understand it, yes, if compared on a like to like basis with the military managed ward at Selly Oak.

The MOD news release (included on my earlier link) says:

Up to 30 patients can be cared for in single rooms or four-bed rooms on the new military ward but experience from Selly Oak means that the actual number of military patients at any time will be much lower. As with the current military managed ward at Selly Oak, military patients will be brought together on the new military ward as soon as clinically appropriate, once their specialist or acute care requirements have been met.

As was the case in the old military hospitals, civilian patients will also be admitted to the ward when capacity allows. The flexible design of the new hospital means that, with the exception of major civilian emergencies requiring all available bed spaces, it will always be possible to care for military patients in single rooms or ward rooms that are not shared with civilian patients.
VarSity said:
Will this actually mean more bed space?
Possibly, though any spare capacity will be filled with NHS patients, so it won't be exclusively military.

I understand that better integration of the military aspect of the new 'super-hospital' has been part of the plan for some time.

there will also be facilities exclusively for soldiers and their families.

These will include a quiet room for relatives, a communal space for military patients to gather
Excellent, and exactly what there used to be in military hospitals. In fact, these facilities already exist in the MDHUs (including RCDM) in some form or another - it's just that in the rush to close the military hospitals things like welfare provision were always bottom of the list.

This is good news - though I'll probably believe it only when I see it finished - but it's worth remembering that whilst Selly Oak is the focus for those wounded on ops, military patients are treated at many other locations in UK, Germany and Cyprus - though clearly these are not such fashionable places for senior officers' wives to be seen to visit. In my view, a soldier with cancer, or who has been seriously injured in an accident, and his relatives, should have the same access to facilities as those injured on ops.

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