Planning trip to Normandy on budget,any tips?


Me and a few of my mate in work are planning a trip to the Normandy beaches but we want to make it as cheap as possible.

We dont mind where we stay or how we get there but its got to be cheap or our women will put a stop to it if it coasts to much.

Any tips??? :D
My dad went for free......................


Bollock-chops said:
Foot passenger, Poole to Cherbourg, hire a car when you get there.
We might have access to a 10 seater bus for free so transport on land should not be to much of a problem.

Any idea where to stay?

Hotel,hostal,camp site???


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Caravan site near Ranville.
Camping des Capucines I think it is called.
Camping des Capucines
CD 37 CD 37
Tél : Tel:
02 31 78 69 82 02 31 78 69 82

I stay every June. Great location, then the bar, Longchamp near the cemetery.

Enjoy mate
Book the Channel Tunnel, browse the crossing times carefully as you can usually get it cheaper at unpopular hours.
Formule1 motels are cheap, around 25-30 Euros-ish for a room which will have a double with a single bunk above.
Lots of campsites dotted around.

Enjoy, its a hell of a good trip. There are af ew threads around here on the best places to visit.
Make sure you het the Pass de Normande card at the first attraction you get to,we got it this year and saved a packet on all the landings, museums etc.
Make sure you het the Pass de Normande card at the first attraction you get to,we got it this year and saved a packet on all the landings, museums etc.
Oh and try LD Lines for ferries, crossed from Portsmouth to Le Havre and back this week and they were considerably cheaper than the other companies.

Just put a quick query in for a minibus and 9 passengers return and comes up a £270ish.....
Not bad at all
There is a good campsite in Arromanche Les-Bain (D514) right smack in the middle of Normandy It is a good sized town with plenty going on, good restaurants, Shops, D-Day Museum, a good view of the Mulberry Harbour and its very own squaddie friendly irish pub just off the main street.

Also if you need a tour guide, I know a superb chap (22 years in the Parachute Rgt and very funny) who is more than happy to take out small parties (he works for one of the big battlefield tour companies) PM me and I will give you his details.

Have fun

Camping? :roll: The Mercure Hotel in Caen Centre is quiet, well appointed for a 2 to 3 star and the breakfast is tres bon. It is connected internally to the Ibis hotel a few doors to the left and IIUC, facilities are shared. Time it wrong and it'll be full of noisy naval officers on their Staff Ride.

Unless you have the soul of a cockroach (hat tip to Bernoulli for the phrase) take a large hanky for your visits to the war graves.
How many of you are going with the mini bus? If there's not many, you can wild camp all over the place

The Batteries at Longue sur Mer are a good place to wild-camp. Also, the car park at Utah beach

The French have a system of sites for Motorhomes called Aires de Service. These are places that you can get water from, dispose of rubbish and dump "grey" and "black" water. They usually charge €2 for 100L of water

The Aires at Arromanches is always full. People seem to park up there for the summer. The b*****ds are only supposed to stay 48hrs but no-one seems to check
Arromanches website is in both English and French and has a good webcam

Camping Car Infos is a great site for finding Aires; trouble is that it is only in Froggish

Condor Lines is also a good ferry service. It runs to Cherbourg. It only runs on a Sunday but it does have the virtue of being cheap. Cherbourg to Arromanches is about 65 to 70 miles and the road is very good.

Buy fuel at the supermarkets as it is a bit cheaper.

With the ferries, generally, the earlier you book, the cheaper they are

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