Planning to sign off to emigrate

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by AirborneDan, Jan 11, 2009.

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  1. I've decided to emigrate to Canada in the not to distant future but I have a couple of questions

    1) I have an LSAP of 8.5K outstanding so do I have to pay that off completely before signing off or can I sign off now and arrange to have it paid off completey before my discharge?

    2) I will have completed atleast 7 years of service by the time I get out. Will I get any pension out of this, if not could I transfer it into another pension fund (in Canada)?

    I would be very grateful for any info from any RHQ Guru's out there.
  2. AD, good luck with the new life! I can't answer the 2 Qs you pose but, if you accrue any RENLEAVE, the moment you notify your intent to sign off officially (ie on JPA), it all goes down the swanee (ie you cannot take any more). So if you have it you will need to either get it used or make the decision to let it go - you can't incorporate it into any wind-down plans.
  3. :?

    1st one dont know
    2nd think not

    i could be wrong usually am .

    BTW have you looked into the emigration process yet?
  4. Aswers:

    1. JSP 752:

    02.0428. Application for Early Release, Retirement, or Transfer to a Shorter
    Engagement. Personnel in receipt of a LSAP will not normally be granted early
    release, retirement, be allowed to give notice, or transfer to a shorter engagement,
    unless the LSAP has been repaid in full or they have made acceptable arrangements to
    repay the LSAP in full. Applications for early release, retirement or to give notice must
    include details of any LSAP balance outstanding, plus the applicant's proposals for its
    repayment. A proposal to continue repaying the LSAP after discharge from the Service
    will not be accepted. Moreover, a promise of payment at a future date is not considered
    to be a firm basis for repayment. Proposals for repayment of a LSAP balance may
    a. An immediate lump sum payment.
    b. Commencement of deductions from pay, or increase of deductions from
    pay, prior to release.
    c. Recovery from any immediate terminal benefits which may be due.
    d. Transfer of the outstanding balance to another Service person (see
    paragraphs 02.0431 and 02.0432); or
    e. Any combination of the above.

    2. This link will hopefully be of use:

    Transferring Benefits

  5. I've started looking into it and it seems I qualify. Thankyou very much for the answers guys. It sounds a bit more encouraging than I thought!