Planning to join up


Recently (ie, the past 5 months) i've been thinking about joining up to the army. Specifically the Royal Armoured Corps, second choice being Royal Artillery.

Being the typical 'civvy' on the street/at home, and generally lacking in motivation, what tips would you guys give for getting yourself ready for the army?

Fitness wise and general lifestyle/wellbeing.

Several years ago, I went to the RAF and applied to the Rockapes (don't hold that against me) but back then I only managed the first half of the PGAC (potential gunners aquaintence course).

I feel I have matured alot since then, and feel more committed to tasks.

Currently 20, and at college studying A-Levels, but have been drifting quite a bit, without tying down to one thing.

So any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
You either want it or you don't.
I have always dreamed of being in the Armed Forces and therfore I have all the motivation I need.
Think long and hard about it. Its not a college course that you can "drift" away from.

Do your research and If the prospect of getting your chosen job isn't motivation enough then it might not be for you.
If your not 100% then maybe try the ta for a year or two your still young it will give you an insight and motivate you to get fit and also let you finish your course fi you want
Thanks for the replies lads,

I know it sounds pretty crude, but I've always been very very fascinated in the armed forces, and have always wanted to be part of them. The main problem I have/had was actually putting in an application form and getting my arse in gear for it.


the other posts said most of it you have to be 100% on wanting it and on the training to get ready aswell you have got to want to get up and train and put the effert in i was the same at first but now im 3 weeks away from training and cant wait to get there. hope it all go's well for you if you do go for it

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