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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Smiler_1985, Jun 9, 2009.

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  1. I'm planning to enlist having realised uni wasnt for me at all. Im beginning my fitness training tomorrow using the guides on the army website. At the moment I'm probably quite unfit (trying the old 1.5m and press ups\sit ups tomoro) and wondering how long I should wait before putting my application process in motion. Any advice from the mighty ARRSE guru's would be appreciated :D
  2. Why wait to apply, the process can take a while depending on what job you are going for anyway, just get into an office, register your interest and set the ball rolling, and work on your fitness whilst the application is running.

    If you have been to Uni, what are you looking at applying for?
  3. I was doing sports science at uni. I used to be in the TA Royal Engineers and was considering going for that in the regs. Or maybe R.A.C if not. I left uni after a year and a bit when i realised it wasnt what I wanted to do. I might pop down to the Exeter Office this week then. Girlfriend is unsure about having me join up but you have to do what will make you happy really.
  4. Personnally speaking your Sports science isnt really going to be much use to you unless of course you end up going PTI once you are in.

    But you obviously have the capacity for learning so i would use whatever GCSE's you have and go for RE if that is what you want.

    If you arent happy with the RE then you can always ask for a transfer once you are in and have a trade (i am not saying its guaranteed you can do that but it is a possibility).

    By and large if when i am talking to applicants i can match their interests in civilian life and their GCSE's to a job that is going to keep some of that interest going then i do, but your application is just that, 'your application' and you have to follow what you want to do :)
  5. Do you plan on going for soldier or officer?
  6. Thanks Buddy. Yeah I always felt I chose the wrong course to be honest. Gonna pop down to the Exeter AFCO either tomorrow or Thursday. :)
  7. Apply ASAP mate, the sooner the better. There is a pretty long wait on a lot of jobs so depending on what you choose will determine how long you will be waiting. And the application process is generally pretty slow anyway. If however you progress pretty fast and you aren't happy with your fitness yet, you don't have to go on with ADSC until your ready. So theres no reason not to apply now.
  8. fcuk me it's like a mirror to what i'm doing, except i was doing a degree in history. Get down asap, I spent too much time worrying about my fitness before i went down to the office.
  9. Aye. Gonna do that today methinks. Any thoughts on what I should take with me?
  10. a good positive attitude and a sense of humour, you don't need to take anything else into the office with you on a first visit :)
  11. Realistically you can get fit enough for the army in 6-8 weeks (for the minimum requirement that is) your application could take anywhere between 3-6 months maybe a bit more, so by the time you get your ADSC date, you will be good enough for the easy tests they do there, then by the time you get your basic training date, you should have done quite alot of phys and be well prepared for it,

    Workout for 5 days and give yourself 2 rest days, once you get fitter after a few weeks throw a few distant runs in like 3-5 miles or something, 5 miles is about the maximum you will be ''running'' in basic so if you can bang that out before you start then you will be well prepared for it.

    Good luck mate.
  12. Thanks dudes. Todays visit to the Careers office went well. going back next week to start the ball rolling proper. Here we go lol
  13. Definatly needed a positive attitude n sense of humor..all the RE jobs for this recruiting year are now gone the recruiting SM said. Gotta figure a new set of 3 choices hehe. Ah well. Not to worry, I'l have a gander at the jobs list again