Planning Tasks

Does anyone have any electronic copies of planning tasks, the sort that one does at selection boards?

I am organising a leadership development weekend (no, not 'how to pass RCB in 4 easy stages' training) and would like to add a more cerebral element? I have a few very thick Lt-Capt jobs (where to set up a flying school type) but am after the you have one hr, 'You are on a tropical island with an injured pilot and 1400 sheep to rescue' types? I remember having to do one on a leadership course a few years ago at stupid o'clock after a 25k tab, and it was a real shock to the system when we thought we were about to get our heads down.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
am still struggling with this, if there are any other ideas out there. Writing my own is ok, and useful etc, but I don't fancy doing more than one.

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