Planning on booking a holiday??!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ex_donkey_man, May 22, 2011.

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  1. The men must be the same, where are we flying from.
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  2. Well I now find myself £200 down with a set of e-tickets from Monarch arriving in my inbox shortly.

    I was hoping to not spend anything today...
  3. and some poor Croatian bird expecting you in her dirtbox presently !
  4. Fackin right!

    I haven't got any lube and my flight is at 23:15 from Gatport Airwick, so I've crammed my rucksack full of WD40 instead. Hopefully should do the trick.
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  5. WD40 will do nicely, it's fish oil so you can drink it too. Seems appropriate for a spot of in and out lubricant.
  6. If you can't get anything fast. try fenistil gel - they sell it over there, also good for wounds or split arses!
  7. That's a myth old chap.
  8. WD40 is amazing stuff - according to the website "After a good afternoon's digging, WD-40 can help remove heavy dirt from tools and equipment". I would imagine that if you have lubed up with it then it will prevent the shit sticking to begin with! I will definatly be using it on my strap-on in future...
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  9. What about just having a good old fashioned wash and avoiding sweetcorn?
  10. A material data safety sheet from the WD-40 company shows that the main constituents are 67 per cent petroleum distillate, 21 per cent mineral oil and “10% non-hazardous ingredients”.

    A blatant copy and paste by yours truly.
  11. I knew I would read something along those lines, I didn't, however, expect it whilst knocking back the remains of Sunday Lunch house red!
  12. Maximus Anal Lubricant 50ml

    A bit of googling shows thr above to be usfull
  13. Shouldn't that be Stufholer? TAXI!
  14. And yet the same website says 90% of Croatians are Catholic.

    Presumably the high percentage willing to take it up the arse is down to training from an early age by the local priests?