Planning my last few years and resettlement

Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by bitterandtwisted, Oct 28, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys, I have read the various threads on NEBOSH and IT. I'm ex SPS and just coming to the cusp of completeing the end of my EDCL, I have 4 years to go.

    This is the plan - I will be emigrating to SE asia as zero alpha is from there.

    There is offshore and onshore work availible there with one of the big Oil players, also I have business administration Level 2 NVQ and a Business management diploma. Been a SNCO for some 6 years new (I know means **** all in civvy st.).

    So basically, I bow to all your knowledge and advice where you think I should be going, to be honest I am shitting my pants, as I left many years ago and found it very daunting - but the difference is I didnt plan, and I dont want this to happen this time.

    I am looking at the grand scheme of employability here :

    1. First Question - where commerically and financially should I go after as a stepping stone owards after ECDL, in the IT world with a view to support a major oil company?

    2. Second Question -Also I would like to study NEBOSH (international) preferably Distance learning, so I can smash it while I am in, it's just as an area that I can fall back on if no sucess in the IT support side. I have noted from the recommendations it is hard to do by Distance Learning.

    I have read the various threads but just after a bit more juice and recommendations.

    Looking forward to your help and will keep you updated, cheers in advance ladies and gents

    Edited to add please wang me a PM if you can help in anyway!