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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Lythgoe, Feb 13, 2013.

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  1. Hello,

    I have just passed my AOSB Brief, and like many others, I have been searching the web for Planning Exercise examples. I would be very grateful if anyone had any links, or knew of any books I could purchase.

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  2. A couple of examples.
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  3. You'll go far.

    E-nirex - ARRSEpedia
  4. Hi , due to go on my CFCB , 15th march :-/ ,, I'm looking for a link so I can download planning ex's to practice with any help would be appreciated as I'm freaking out
  5. I despair !!
  6. meaning ?
  7. Seriously? You don't know?.....................I despair!
  8. Angela,

    Take a deep breath and relax.

    Now, go to post number three by The Snail. Look at the Nirex link. Then click on it.

    Then donate £10 to Hols for Heroes for being so.......officerish!!!
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  9. Hi guys,

    I just downloaded the Plan ex's provided by "jockparamedic" (thank you very much by the way)

    However, in the exe "Primal Journey" I think there is a mistake in the solution. I quote:

    "You and Ronnie administerfirst aid with the kit available, stabilise and pull Bob the 6km distance to Camp 2 with the intention of providing insulin for Smithy. At 2kph (speed of 2 men pulling a sledge) you will arrive at Camp 2
    at 1525 hrs which is in time for Smithy (25 mins before the 8 hr cut off)."

    However it also says that you spent an hour walking (set off at 0800 and the accident happened just before 0900) at speed 2 km/h. hence this means you have not yet traveled across the glacier. (because this would mean that you spent 1.5 hours traveling 2km before accident, 1 km @ 2kmh and 1km @ 1kmh over the glacier... and hence time would be 0930 at the time of the accident) - So this means that it would take 3.5 hours to do remaining 6km, making you 5 minutes late for insulin administration.

    Why am I saying this... basically just want to get a conformation or rejection of this possible mistake. just want to know that i am not going crazy :)
  10. The answer is I am having a fag will get back to you.

    Answer carry out a fartlek the answer is in the question, hour walking, effing run then and you will be back in time for smithys jab!!!!!

    Why would you walk with a casualty with a time dependent solution you wouldnt walk and would definately working a lot faster.

    As for Angela P, I so would love to be at your CFCB on 15 March, I wondered if anyone spoke into your shell like when you arrived. Something about PERSEC.
  11. well you got to play by the rules of the game. to be honest what you would lack in walking speed would surely make up in "Zero-Time" for every action.

    my solution actually was similar, the only thing I said was that I would walk on my own leaving Ronnie with Bob to walk on their own. that way I actually get to the C2 at the correct time. give Smithy his jab... send him to call for help and myself get back to Bob and Ronnie help them to get to C2 (otherwise they would be 25 minutes over the 'last light' and unable to move)

    I must admit thou, I did fail to include helicopter into my calculations at all.