Planning Exercise Examples (Again!)

I know this has been asked before but are there any more examples of Planning Exercises floating around? I'm trying to get as much practice in as possible and having trawled the forum have so far found Botanist's Peril, Prison Break, Missing Papers, Penguin Island, Op Spheniscus and Winter Aid. One called Jumbo Express is mentioned but I can't find a link to it anywhere. If anyone has any more examples they could P.M. me or else point me in the right direction I'd be extremely grateful!

Secondly, does anyone have any particular tips and strategies to maximise the use of the allotted 1 hour? For example, do you have a certain method for organising the factors involved according to category or do you just list them with deductions as they come? I only ask as there does not seem to be much space on the answer sheet to list all of them (sometimes only 4 lines,) and was wondering what the most concise and efficient way of doing it is? Probably a stupid question I know but if anyone has any tips they'd be appreciated.

Thanks for the help/expected abuse!
You get a pretty good run-down of what to do/what to expect the night before on Main Board...they really do break it down for you.

Any chance you could put the links up for the plan exercises you mentioned?
Didn't have much luck when searching for them...
Tme management is key.
Organise your work and lay it out neatly so that the marker can follow your logic (even if it is flawed).
A tabular layout works well for some people - particularly for comparison of options.
The main factors that they expect you to consider will be glaringly obvious - don't waste time disappearing down rabbit holes.
Don't waste time on too many options - discount some early and state why you have done so.
Make sure you get to an end product and, in the unlikely event that you have any spare time, you can always go back and fill in blank details.

Finally, if you have run through 2 or 3 examples that's enough; the methodology is pretty much the same for each scenario. If you know someone who knows what they are doing get them to look at (mark) you work (against real timings). This will give you an idea of how your work comes across - what may seem obvious to you may not be so to the marker.
That is much better advice from Ethel. Once you get the hang of the timings and the general feel of the tasks you should start to be more comfortable with the whole thing. Don't be tempted to make your plan/solution too complicated or based on things that you are not confident about. Remember that the best plans are the most simple ones.
Thanks for all the advice, I haven't taken Main Board yet and hence the apprehension and desire to do as many practice ones as possible I guess! My main problem is taking too long making sure I write down ALL of the factors. I also take too long finding the best course of action before listing some alternatives for the sake of it whereas I suppose I should just list a few potential courses, analyse those and then select the best one. Just can't help taking ages making sure my first plan is the best possible! As you say Ethel, the methodology is the same for them all so I just need to make sure I've got it as efficient as possible and is clear to the marker so may as well practice while I have the time.

Dribble3890, the link for some of the Planning Exercises is here if you want. If you need some more I can email you a few if you PM me you email address.

Again, thanks for all the help but if anyone has any more examples would still be appreciated. Thanks!
Hello folks, when I go to the linked forum page to download the planning ex's they won't work anymore, anyone else get that?

I have a zip file with: Botanist, Duty Free, Jumbo express, Mali Dig, Operation kite, Problemania & Winter aid - if anyone wants it just PM me your e-mail address and I'll send it over. Some are a little better quality than the others.

Omega, I'll PM you and if you could e-mail me the ones you have I'd really appreciate it.
Hi eng_chris. I am doing my main board next week and came across this thread. I was wondering if you would be able to send me the plan ex file?
How 2 become do a great work book on this, if you feel like splashing out and getting planning exes with SDT calculations and tips then it's pretty helpful. Unfortunately they're good at making money and it doesn't come cheap at about £40.

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