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Hello All;

I don't suppose anyone has purchased a copy/can point me in the right direction to one of the guides that advise you how to tackle a planning ex do they? e.g one of the "how to become an officer" kits that are about £50

At briefing I remember them going though a particular process of identifying Essentials and Desirable Criteria, and also coming up with a diagram of sorts.

Sadly I can't seem to decode my frantic scribblings and was looking for a bit of guidance. I've found plenty of actual exercises - I just need a methodology!

Thanks for looking :)
Here are some rough notes made about the planning excercise:

1 - Aims:
This is just the objectives that you want to achieve, they can be split into 'desirable' which you'd like to achieve, but aren't critical, and 'essential', which are your primary objectives. You're advised then to rank the objectives in order of importance.

2 - Factors:
Factors on the map or in the story that might have an effect on achieving your objectives. It's useful to put them into the following categories - Time/Distance/Speed, Environmental (e.g. terrain), Skills/Resources available (e.g. group member with first aid, or 2 land rovers), Threats. After finding them, make deductions - these can be made by literally asking the question 'so what?' about the factors - e.g. Storm expected at 6pm so be back by 6pm etc.

3 - Courses of Action:
Create 2 or 3 plans in brief, then say why you rejected or accepted them.

4 - Final Course:
Write down your chosen course of action with detailed timings and reasons for not achieving any objectives.

- Write on the map all the times it takes to travel along routes e.g. 6 mile road at 30mph will take 12 minutes.
- You don't need to achieve every aim, just have a coherent reason for it, and stick to it. They're looking for decisiveness and reasoning.
- Stay sharp with your time/speed/distance arithmetic - they will put you on the spot!
- If its not on the map/in the short story, don't assume it. I.e. there's a helipad - but don't assume there's a helicopter
It's all over convoluted.

So long as you can form a plan and remember it, and then learn the group plan you will do well. That is not what I did, leider. But next time.
Don't know if it's any help, but I like the good old fashioned:

What Not

And separately "Why", defining mission.

I'm sure there are better methodologies for appreciation and building a plan, but I like the above because I'm stupid, and a simple framework works for me.
Thanks for that everyone - most useful, I shall attempt "Winter Aid" again with hopefully a bit more structure and direction. I can come up with a plan, its just the s/d/t that is getting to me, anyone know of any particularly good places to find test papers?

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