Planning AT for a Bunch O' Clerks

I’m in much need of an SJAR moment, so I’ve bravely volunteered to plan this years AT, we have only just come back from an awesome weeks Skiing in Les Contamines. We are based in Wales so don’t particularly want to do AT here. I was just wondering if you guys had any recommendations? Much appreciated!
Close by is the lodge at Kinguisse. Right next to Aviemore and on the doorstep of the Cairngorms. Slightly further South, Carlisle Castle will be able to put you up. There's a Cadet HQ there with excellent facilities ... and right near the town centre.
Two good sunshine site are: Jersey - bivy site with facilities on the beach POC: RE (Royal Monmouthshire Engineers) a TA unit
or Tregantle Fort near Plymouth lots of good venues and kit is possible through RN AT stores at HMS Drake in Plymouth.

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