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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by FrogPrince, Jul 8, 2012.

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  1. In an attempt to show both Regulars and fellow Reservists what can be achieved with some organisation and a smidgen of flair and imagination, I am starting to plan a sequence of three weekends for my unit.

    - Weekend 1 is the learning weekend, mostly spent in the classroom with some local practice of the skills taught.

    - Weekend 2 is the in-house field weekend, practising what has been taught but keeping the training 'in-house'.

    - Weekend 3 is the ambitious one, in that I would like to invite other TA sub-units from different cap badges to participate.

    The general idea is fundamentally simple - to move a couple of packets of vehicles from A to B to C, setting up FARPs along the way (our core competence). Obviously, w/ends 1 and 2 would be learning and rehearsing convoy drills, especially comms and employing all the MATTs along the way.

    I have no concerns about 'planning' as such but wondered if anyone has a checklist or crib sheet of tasks that must be ticked off to ensure success - e.g risk assessments, ordering rations etc. The desired effect is to achieve some productive and fun training whilst not overloading the PSIs.

    All inputs much appreciated.

  2. On week 3 would you bring in a small opposition team to throw a spanner in the works and try to disrupt your convoy somehow?
  3. What's a FARP?
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  4. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    If you're loggies doing a truck move, please leave inf out. I spent a very boring weekend last year watching trucks drive past our secured location, pull up have a cup of tea then drive off again. Zero training benefit to us.
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  5. When you pass wind so hard you urinate.

    Half way between a f*rt and a p*ss.
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  6. I envisage this to end up as three weekends with chairs arranged in pairs in the TAC, with the occupants of the right-hand chairs calling "Vroom, clunk, vroom" while the occupants of the left-hand chairs imitate the sound of bush saws.
  7. So what you are looking for is six days of mild peril and stress involving motor transport, frequent de bus-ing for logistical and tactical reasons and a possible but unpredictable threat ready to strike at any moment making things more difficult along the way?

    National Express return tickets, London to Glasgow.
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  8. Even better...Megabus down the M6

    BBC News - Megabus M6 Toll closure: 'Armed police aimed at us'
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  9. Ignoring the first comment about showing the 'regulars' how to do something with a bit of planning and imagination and then asking for advice, hope the following helps.

    Firstly has something similar been done before? are there PXR's you can use or even templates to give guidance etc

    Before hand ask you troops/heirarchy what they would like to do. Then once you have some rough ideas of what they are interested in doing then plan your basic requirements around your scenario/ what MATTS you want/can achieve, this is CT 1 level stuff so there is guidance on what needs to be achieved.

    Weekend 1. Scenario etc Your unit has been warned off that it has to provide a reinforcement pln to a regular unit on ops etc. Trg: Basic convoy skills, admin (do troops have relevant licenses/fammed up etc), map reading, wht, sop's. Check and prep personnel and pln kit.

    Weekend 2. In the field, again map reading, convoy drills, how to give a set of orders, map prep,rehearsals, basic field routine, setting up a basha, actions on, duties of a sentry, first aid, moving in and out of harbours, at different times of the day/night bit of self recovery, extraction from various types of situation,all low key, no fragging the troops, it is learning after all. walk through talk through, identify trg for all trade groups

    Weekend 3, move out, move into a harbour area at night, rolling replen, small convoys to locations, orders groups/prep at all levels, a few IED's, ambushes, actions on breakdowns, get your REME reccy mechs practising their orders drills etc your troops who can't drive can play enemy or other friendly troops (they would have been using the previous weekend to practice their scenario's). Test your JNCO's, with different scenarios, can be road accident, civilian casualties doesn't always have to be warry.

    Pre ex. Admin instruction,invites and returns from other invited units (allow at least 3 months to plan all of this). Book trg areas via Trg WO/PSI. Confirm availbility and book rations/ammo/fuel (or fuel cards) via CQ/RQ,book armoury,ensure weapons are available (not due MEI or anything when you are palnning your ex) identify other requirements such as camp stores, water bowser, are there water replens req'd i.e do you require a bowser or will a slack handful of jerry cans be ok, or do you need to id water points on the trg area, book med support (including emergency cover, nearest hospital etc, warn them off you will be training in their area)vehicles and REME support, ask them to prep your recovery plan, actions on breakdown etc etc all at least 6 weeks before your planned weekends. Risk assessments, your TM/PSI even your own snrs should have templates covering most of what you are planning. talk to other units, including regs see if you can bolt onto one of their ex's or provide something to it. Remember drivers hours etc. Your end ex plan, refuel, vehicle washdown (you will need to pre-book this), dekit, wpn cleaning, handing in weapons and unused ammo/rations etcdo you need portaloos, washdown facilities, pol points etc, is there funding a budget etc

    Above is the basics, best of luck.
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  10. This assumes that all your rescources, Personnel, MTD, Ammo, Vehicles etc were put into Blenheim before the planning round and was approved. Or you are likely to get nothing, as your planned event has not been funded. As with any TA event if it involves Blank, Pyro, WHT need to be up to date so done weekend one. You will then get people not doing weekend 1 but then turn up for the remaining weekends that need WHT causing grief, and so it go's on nature of the TA (Army Reserve) beast. Good Luck!
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  11. D21 - my comments about flair and imagination were meant differently. We are still a relatively young unit and for many (boring) reasons our CoC has not always sought to truly stretch the troops, therefore our training has become a little mundane and also over reliant on the PSIs doing most of the legwork. I think I can do things a bit differently...

    Many thanks for the inputs. I had already calculated that getting other units to attend w/end 3 would only work if some TOs for the other capbadges were met, though offloading the admin burden of booking a training area must be a 'sell'.

    FARP = Forward Arming and Refuel Point. Delivering a fast turnaround for AH. I do plan to stick in a HELQUEST.

    W/end 3 will involve an OPFOR but working to an MEL, not just a few random extras putting on dessies and driving out in an L/R to blat off the odd couple of rounds at FF.

  12. FP

    Lots of regs have no imagination :)

    It is good you are getting involved, just touch base with your PSI, they won't mind (or shouldn't) giving you direction, advice and help, i always appreciated the TA asking if they could help/plan something themselves.

    As 303 wrote, you need to make sure all the back ground stuff is in place first.

    I also knew what a FARP was :) ex REME so spent time with Teeny Weeny Airways. Take it you are based/near MW?

    Again best of luck
  13. Could you ask the RMP to provide an escort for your convoys?
  14. All part of the cunning plan....

    ...but I was thinking more about controlling the assembly area etc.
  15. What about those who can only attend the final weekend, does that spoil the plan ? Is there really a need for 3 weekends ? Surely a good brief on a Fri night, then off you go. A good debrief on the Sunday to highlight good and bad points.