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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. The Beeb world Service TV is now showing Protesters on the roof of the House of Commons.
    Opsec, Persec, my arrse.
  2. I think they have a fair point, the manner in which government has bulldozed the consultation thought and with the help of BAA, they WILL build runway three!

    Little surprise that in under a month terminal 5 opens, what's the point of having the new terminal and still only having two runways?

    And what better place to have a pock at this government, than sitting, or standing on their heards so to speak.

    Was there anyone from ARSSE with them?
  3. They shouldn't be there, they could have been infiltrated by terroist groups - shoot them off.
  4. from the BBC web Site
  5. Frankly I hope they've got some Sarin to lob down the chimneys...
  6. Targets will fall when the eco-warrior/potential terrorists to your front, go on.

    Oh and tell the Commons Director of Security he is fekkin well fired, useless knut
  7. Have to agree with the protestors on this one. The Heathrow site is pretty much full and trying to cram more aircraft into an already saturated airspace isn't going to help even with a Third runway. The surrounding roads etc are still going to be a nightmare and extra flights won't help there either.

    They should look at what Hong Kong did with Kai Tak and build in the Thames Estuary and add on high speed transport Rail links etc.if the South East needs another airport. Problem is that when it comes to ambitious infrastructure projects this country bottles it for the cheapest but not the best solutions every time.

    Compare that with what China just opened in Beijing for the Olympics. Its the size of Heathrow complete and took just 4 years flash to bang. Mind you I think protesters there may well be treated slightly differently :twisted:
  8. But even Kai tak wasn't enough to cope with the increase in flights - which is why the HKG took the imaginative step of chopping the top off Lantau Island, hoying it into t sea to make a multiple runway and then linking the whole thing to Victoria with rapid mass-capacity rail links. The UK has, I'm afraid, to stop being so conservative and look to more radical solutions.
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah, the voice of reason. Do an air strike. But if you could avoid that nice little boozer just up Whitehall on the right, I would be obliged. Theres a Lithuanian barmaid in there was giving me sheeps eyes two weeks ago. And I have high hopes for Detante with her, you know?

    Fair shout to the tree huggers. I couldnt give a rats about Polar Bears melting. But Heathrow is a dangerous place to fly into. BAA are horrible and we need a new airport down Southend way.

  10. Yep That the one I meant - :p sorry didn't know the name.
  11. No problem with the message they have, I just think these hippy bastards should be treated as the security breach they are and shot.
  12. seconded
  13. Couldn't we just shoot at them? Maybe into the sort of general area? Using large-calibre weapons appropriate to the threat represented by this security breach and accepting reasonable casualties in the nearby area?
  14. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah, I hear what you are saying. But we cant be having high velocity rounds whacking around the Mother of All Parliaments, can we?

    Why not wait until they are down?

    Then we can stone them to death. Maybe chop off their heads in public - bring the kids - half price hot dogs and a bouncy castle all day long.

    Maybe, right - tie them to a brick wall then bulldoze the wall. Heh.

    Hippy scum. I bet the women were showing their faces like cheap sluts?
  15. Ok this sounds more fun, not sure about cutting off their heads though....who'd clean up the mess? :twisted: