Plane Stupid block LHR tunnel, the selfish shits.


Protest group Plane Stupid have chained themselves up in the Heathrow tunnel:-
Heathrow Tunnel Blocked By Protesters

Given the heightened state of alert I'd have said that was an even stupider idea than usual. Sadly, the student politicking twunts weren't promptly headjobbed by armed rozzers. They're spokesman did get a thoroughly enjoyable rifting by Nick Ferrari, though, as he spouted a load of self-centred drivel fresh from the student's union common room.

This twat was promptly followed by "Abdul" - almost certainly an Uber driver from the sound of him - excitably shouting about how he was stuck there with a little old lady crying in the back because she'd saved up and was taking her first foreign holiday - ever - and it had now all gone to ratshit.

So - and remembering which section this has been posted in ( ;) ) - should Plod have brassed these selfish cunts up before bulldozing their wankwagon aside or should they have just stood around as usual, and like they have done? I mean, just how long does it take to whistle up a set of bolt-croppers and a Range Rover?

Yes, I did use the magic J-button/peruse What's New? so fuck off, smartarse!
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The spokesthing/lead idiot should be asked the following question

"Do you know how much damage this bulldozer will suffer when it runs over you"?

Answer of course is "None at all"
That's the Spam's stock approach, though - deploy police/army/anyone with a state mandate, automatic weapons, twitchy trigger fingers and more brass than an alloying plant.

You say that as if it's a bad thing. Personally I think we (as a nation) have got too soft. Todays attitude would not have secured us an Empire.
Next time one of them student grant types screams about the police state, it might be pertinant to point out that they didn't get a good shoeing/brassed up for their actions.
Instead, during a period of heightened security the police went out of their way to ensure their safety during what was probably an illegal protest (the police will usually do all in their power to ensure that your right to protest is protected - no matter how moon howling the reason. Usually).


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Senior plod at Heathrow probably needed to carry out a risk assessment before allowing sharp bolt cutters to be deployed and as for dragging the van out of the way, do you know the dangers from carcinogens being released into the air from scuffed tires? Don't bare thinking about.
I'm genuinely surprised that they lasted the hour or so that they seem to have done.

I'd have thought some of the people trapped in the tunnel would have taken action - makes me wonder how quickly the police were on the scene. A few large cab drivers looking at losing significant income might not have been particularly sympathetic.


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Tunnel now open but still delays due to heavy congestion.

As it's the Naafi I tender the obligatory salutation when posting something sensible, relevant and informative here: the utter shitcunt cuntrashes.
Remember " Swampy " ? Did he put in a guest appearance ?... he has form with this sort of thing ... then again he is probably now a Banker , married with children living in a large residence on the outskirts of some village ... somewhere in England ... unless he has become a professional sponger .

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Cameroon should have declared Article 5 and had the unwashed fekkers double tapped on the grounds of national security.

Students need to be reminded that they are still at school and don't know anything yet, so just shut up until you have a few years real work under your belt.
Selfish ******* - why didn't all the people stuck in the traffic just give them a solid hammering - cnuts.
Selfish ******* in here as well. Where were you cnuts for the Deep Thought thread?

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