Plane Shortage Halts Army Paras Jump Plans

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by scalieback, Mar 13, 2010.

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  1. Plane Shortage Halts Army Paras Jump Plans
  2. Stand by,the experts will be along soon :)
  3. Thats because some of us can read stuff a little more complex than ARRSE
  4. How long did they lose this for? Was it a few months or longer?
  5. I was going to say that! :)
  6. Here we go again.

    Not long now before the "Why do we need the Paras?" brigade jumps on this one
  7. In 1966 66 C130K were purchased from Lockheed, of these 14 very tired examples still remain, and operate alongside the more modern 24 C130J that were purchased in the 1990s, ordered at the same time as the A300
    In 2007 the National audit office found that 70% of all flights by C130 were short range transit tasks, instead of the role that was planned when the aircraft were purchesed, which could be carried out by a smaller and cheaper aircraft.As with the Fast jets we have to fight the war with the kit we already have,and not the right kit for the job and untill this is sorted out there are just not enough aircraft to go round

    66 aircraft was considered the minimum amount of aircraft to airdrop a Para brigade, wthe there suporting arms, the RAC para sqn needed about 15 C130s on its own to drop a sqn of FV438s
  8. It was after the disbandment of 16 Parachute Brigade in 1977 and the rise of 6th Field Force which had a limited parachute capability. This pretty much became 5 Infantry Brigade and after '82 5 Airborne Bde.
    216 Signal Sqn
  9. Is this a new instance of it, or the same one that has been reported intermittently over the past three or more years.
  10. There was an Air Portable exercise Exercise Eagles Claw in March 2009 but I dont know if any drops were done, but the did some demonstations for things like comemerations and such
  11. Stand by for the RAF turning up to justify why they need a whole bunch of Typhoon to sit in hangars just in case while their Army customer spins in the breeze for lack of support in 5...4...3...2...1...
  12. Wasn't a similar topic being discussed here and in the papers back in 2006? :?

    hmmm... i see Gordon has lived up to his promises of extra aircraft then... not :roll:
  13. Theres a rumour doing the rounds that the MOD might buy six C130Es from the Saudis as a stopgap
  14. The occupants of the MOD Main Building have suggested we merely need to wait until the A440M arives, some time in the 2020's it would appear, before we get overly concerned.

    What is a few year's wait for a single brigade? If the lads are deployed, they don't need to jump. Besides, the Euro Turkey will be a fine aeorplane, according to EADS. :rmp:
  15. 'Shedloads' available to lease let alone buy - thanks to 'Cyclops' we are barely capable of buying an Airfix C130!

    Labour doesn't like 'Paras' - too dangerous; too much of a threat, and too 'Tory'.