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Since when was a 727 a "Jumbo" jet ?
For me it would have to be a Lanc or Shackelton .... not much space but the view from the turrets not to mention the idea of shooting the wildlife or interlopers with the inbuilt armament and for those days when you get bored just fire up a Merlin or if the shack a griffion or two.... plus all those old planes just smell nice .
Catalina would be nice,convert a fuel tank to water tank for shower sinks and cistern. Have to have it in working order to puddle jump around the lochs though.
Shorts Sunderland for similar taskings?

Was it the MkII hat had two gun positions (one left and one right) amidships, rather than the single turret?
I like the idea of a Catalina or a S.Sunderland.... it will have to be in full working order though so TSO can act as a the drinks trolley dolly as me and my muckers island hop the Caribbean or find new lakes in British Columbia to fish. No, the bomb bays or wing bomb droppy thingy on the Cat won't be needed as shooting, hunting and fishing will only be dome in a proper sportsman way. However, the .303 blister guns and the porcupine's will be in full working order with 100% tracer for nighttime fooling around
Was it the sunderland that had some sort of arrangement where the bombs popped out of the side on racks. The racks would be pulled back in after the bombing run.

I remember a B&W picture of a Cataline Crew having a picnic, at anchor, in a rather nice bay. I always thought that looked like quite a good way to see certain areas... I'm thinking the Thai islands especially!

Also I remember watching a film about a bloke who owned a stratofortress (or similar). He crashes on an island with a family he was flying about with.

They got off the island by blowing one of the wings off, turning the aircraft over, using hte vertical tail plane as a ships rudder, and building a whopping big mast on the 'bottom now top' of the plane...

No idea if it would be feasible, just fancy giving it a whirl. I think a shark caves in the glass front of the plane at some point.

Infact, I wonder if you could have a sailing sea plane? Land it on the sea, pop up a mast or two, and just cut about Island hopping...
Am sticking with the Cat, no guns no bombs torps or subsinkers. Although the locals invited Edward Woodward ashore then roasted him.
Sunderland heroine in one of jasper ffordes novels lives in one converted into a houseboat.

Would really really annoy the locals in shoreham who already hate the houseboats:)

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