Plane lands at airbase by mistake

A passenger jet which was destined for City of Derry Airport has landed at an Army base six miles away by mistake. The Liverpool to Derry service, operated by Eirjet on behalf of Ryanair, landed at Ballykelly airstrip at 1440 BST.

Ryanair said in a statement it was due to an "error by the Eirjet pilot who mistakenly believed he was on a visual approach to City of Derry airport".

The pilot apologised and said, 'We may have arrived at the wrong airport'.
Doh !
Do you have to pay to get to other parts of Derry as there is a part that's free?
Derry - That's a small place near Ballykelly, is'nt it?
flamingo said:
Derry - That's a small place near Ballykelly, is'nt it?
Yes just down the road, you can't miss it. Or can you?
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You can see why the pilot got confused, Road to Nowhere on the Mp3 player and off we DON'T go.
Just found the pilot's possible favourite song.

Is this the way to Amarillo?

Delete Amarillo, insert Derry?
Flipper_T_Rox said:
No idea Darth, I can only assume that it's some quiet and inconsequential backwater.
Quiet and inconsequential.Yes.

Well at least up until Sunday 30 January 1972 when a certain regiment of airborne mentalists and council estate psychopaths got a bit trigger happy with the natives...Bless 'em

(Sung to the tune of 'Knick-knack Paddywhack')
CRmeansCeilingReached said:
mistersoft, after 512 posts in just 6 weeks yours must be "ain't no stopping us now".
Thanks CR
Doesn't time fly when you're having fun and I am. Hope everybody else is as well.
I thought young, gifted and black. Fcuk, maybe not only wrong on three counts.
It hapened before back in the 80s. Can't remember the airline but had Matt Busby and the Primate of all Ireland on board for some reason. Think they kept that one quiet with a few bottles from the pilot

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