Plane crashes into NYC building

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by nips, Oct 11, 2006.

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  1. No further info as yet....unfolding on CNN.
  2. That just flashed up on my PC and made the world fall out of my bottom. Felt a bit better after I read 'small' plane.
  3. Police: Small aircraft crashes in Manhattan
    NEW YORK (CNN) -- A small aircraft has apparently crashed into a high-rise residential building at 72nd Street and York in Manhattan, police said.

    Detective Mindy Diaz said police were en route to the site, said to be at 525 E. 72nd Street. The report came in about 2:45 p.m. (Posted 2:59 p.m.)


    Still no news on how many people that were on the 10th floor where the plane struck, they report on CNN that the building should withstand the crash.

  4. FBI says (on seaspan): Not terrorist related. I phoned a mate in NY.
  5. FAA is holding a briefing now, they say the aircraft was under VFR rules was a Fixed wing... Terrorism considered HIGHLY unlikely site was 72nd Street & 1st Ave. near the East River. It hit a residential address with over 100 Apartments

    It's pretty overcast here today as well, which may have contributed
  6. New report from NYFD says it was a Helicopter, not a fixed wing. Possibly a Bell Jet Ranger model, it's near Southeby's auction House in the area. The NYFD has gone to a 3 Alarm for this fire.
  7. Watching it now on SKY NEWS, 2 deaths reported so far!!!
  8. FAA are apparently saying it was fixed wing LD.
  9. yeah fixed wing for sure
  10. Yep, just heard over the FDNY scanner as well.

    NYPD seems to have been the source of the Rotary wing report. No indications of Terrorism, though Fighters have been Launched as a precautionary measure. Temporary Flight Restrictions are be put into effect by the FAA.
  11. NORAD has scrambled fighters, just as a precautionary measure????

    They keep on repeating though that they do NOT think it is terrorist related!!
  12. They have to so not to receive criticism for not being 'on the ball'
  13. Being on the ball would also include closing the airspace down & getting rid of all the journos in their helicopters. :wink:
  14. Believe Me, the press is on this like Stink on a Monkey here.