Plane crash kills Iran commander

Revolutionary Guards' spokesman, Gen Masoud Jazayeri, said the plane "crashed near the airport due to bad weather, lack of visibility and failure in both engines."
Bad Weather, Bad Visibility and a double engine failure, All at the same time - - WoW


He was probably looking at his Islamic revolutions per minute dial and lost count...
...and in next week's news: "The Prime Minister expressed his regrets after an RAF Hercules carrying several senior officers who recently found their balls and soke out about the Iraq war, crashed on Wednesday after apparently suffering failure of all four engines in heavy rain and low visibility."
The Iranians have lost another group of high-ranking officers in a plane crash due to EF/low-viz/terrain?

My, that is careless.
Ah, but what better way of cleaning out shop than by a spate of 'plane accidents and then blaming Western sanctions for a paucity of parts and the inevitable equipment failures. Cunning - its all our fault..... but did you expect anything else?
Wow what is it with those Iranians and military aircraft..... I think it was secretly aliens or the Septic crabs with those illegal laser things.
Gen Kazemi has been in his job just 3 months. Previous to that he commanded the RG Air Force. Also on board the aircraft was the head of RG Intelligence. Kazemi was one of the architects of Iran's aggressive military doctrine. There is suspicion that the "accident" was engineered by anti- Ahmedinejad forces.

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