Plane Carrying 153 Crashes In Indian Ocean

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5:19am UK, Tuesday June 30, 2009
A Yemen Airways passenger plane with over 150 people on board has crashed in waters close to the Comoros archipelago in the Indian Ocean, an official has said.

The plane disappeared from radar screens near the Comoros islands

The location of the Yemenia Air Airbus 330-200, which is carrying 142 passengers and 11 crew members, was not immediately known.

Comoros vice-president Idi Nadhoim said it was also unknown whether there were any survivors following the unexplained accident in the early hours of this morning.

A Comoran police source said the plane, whose passengers included nationals of France and the Comoros, was believed to have come down in the sea.

Attempts to help those on board appeared to be initially restricted.

"We really have no sea rescue capabilities," the police source added.

The plane left Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris on Monday and travelled to Marseille.

It was flying from the Yemen capital San'a to Moroni, on the main island of Grand Comore, when it disappeared from radar screens.

The aircraft was due to have landed in Moroni at 2300 GMT Monday.

A crisis force has been set up at Charles de Gaulle.

Earlier this month, another Airbus A330 aircraft, operated by Air France, crashed into the Atlantic Ocean between Brazil and France, killing all 228 people on board.

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2nd Plane from French Origin, hope its not related

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