PLAN visit Israel - "sign of warming ties"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by smartascarrots, Aug 16, 2012.

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  1. According to the Times of Israel, at least. I knew that there had been some defence cooperation in the past, mainly int-sharing and Israel flogging on US defence tech, but I'd no idea something like this was on the cards.

    Perhaps Alib can shed some light on the matter: Is the ToI a paper likely to over-egg the pudding, or is this genuinely a stepping-stone to closer links?
  2. ehwhat

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    The activities of the Israeli government and China on military, business and other areas is not really much of a secret. Israel was one of the first countries to recognise China over Taiwan. They have sold weapons systems and components to each other, felt the ire of Washington on AWACS, planes etc. and have danced around the issue of Iran and the Palestinians. As with everyone else's experience of China there have been ups and downs. The PLA Navy escort group that came to Haifa had been preceded by statements concerning joint efforts against piracy and the visit last year of General Chen Bindge PLA GSD who toured installations. China is actively hedging their bets against Egypt and the Suez Canal by partnering on a high speed rail line from Eilat to the ports of the Med.

    Its just possible that the links are quite close.
  3. Well, gotta sell on the new F-35 secrets I suppose, old habits and all that.
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  4. The Israelis are also increasingly close to the Kremlin. Really we'd need to compare their policy with Turkey, it's just sensible diplomacy to hedge your bets, as Arik often points out they live in a rough region. US influence appears to be waning and other powers are seeking to fill the vacum.
  5. I doubt they will find a market for them in China. Those oriental types have a knack of guessing Americans' computer passwords.
  6. Passw0rd?
  7. Well if the Chinamen are not guessing the computer passwords of the people in US defence industry I have no idea how they are achieving their feats of industrial scale industrial espionage.
  8. The Chinese devote massive humint and national technical resources to hacking and industrial espionage.
    The F-35 is a project of very great interest to the Chinese.

    Computer Spies Breach Fighter-Jet Project -
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  9. They have the J-20, what they will want is the very tricksy systems in the F-35 that are the 'magic' that really makes 'stealth' work.
  10. redesign the canards, engine intake and outlet, sort out the radar......
  11. I would not go that far, the Kremlin is still "closer" to our adversaries than they ever will be to us.

    Could be worse, it could be somewhere like Tottenham.

    Back to thread, there has been quite an increase in trade between Israel & countries as far as I am aware. China represents the biggest domestic economic market in the world and consequently strengthening ties would be good for us.
  12. Would you say that the Times of Israel article is more or less accurate in tone or is it making grandiose assumptions for the sake of generating headlines?
  13. I don't know about generating headlines but I dont find anything the article says as unusual. Also, I have met enough people who have done business with China from Israel - like I say it is a region that any country would like good relations with in order to facilitate commerce. I have not come across the Times of Israel before so I am unaware of their leaning or reputation.
  14. Cheers. I'm not familiar enough with Israeli media to make any assessment on the basis of this article so thanks for the local view.