Plan to stop ID card leaks is ... leaked

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Dec 6, 2008.

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  1. "JACQUI SMITH, the home secretary, has suffered fresh embarrassment from a new Whitehall leak disclosing that ministers are seeking new powers to search the homes of staff working on ID cards.

    An 11-page confidential Home Office document – which was sent to a campaigner against ID cards – suggests that the employees’ homes could be entered without the need for a police warrant.

    The latest disclosure comes amid the continuing political furore over the police raid on the House of Commons office of Damian Green, the Tory immigration spokesman accused of receiving leaked Home Office documents.

    The measures outlined in the document appear to be designed to prevent the employees of five companies, all bidding for work on the ID cards scheme, from leaking damaging information about work on the national identity register.

    This register is expected to contain the names, addresses and private information about tens of millions of Britons if it comes into operation as Labour plans in four years’ time.

    Dominic Grieve, the shadow home secretary, condemned Smith for trying to take on more state powers. “It is bad enough that the government is wasting £19 billion on this expensive white elephant during a recession – but sinister that the home secretary is invoking even more powers to cover up what is a disaster waiting to happen,” he said.

    The Home Office said the proposals in the document aimed to keep the identity card scheme secure and did not introduce new legal powers.

    However, Shami Chakra-barti, director of Liberty, the civil rights group, said: “This reveals the extent of Home Office arrogance and contempt for individual privacy.

    “It’s not enough constantly to legislate our liberty away – now it seems they want companies and employees to contract out of legal rights not to have private security guards trampling through their premises without a warrant.”

    The leak was sent to Phil Booth of NO2ID, which campaigns against the ID cards. “This is quite extraordinary. Has every employee of these five companies and all their subcontractors working on the ID scheme been made aware of the fact that their homes could be entered and searched without a warrant at any time in the next 25 years?” he said.

    There are five companies in the running for contracts to create the national ID card. They are IBM, Fujitsu, Computer Sciences Corporation, EDS and Thales.

    Meanwhile, ministers continue to face questions about Green’s arrest. A private security company admitted this weekend that it had been employed by the government to conduct politically sensitive Whitehall leak inquiries.

    David Davis, the former shadow home secretary, has written to Sir Gus O’Donnell, the cabinet secretary and head of the civil service, demanding details of how many private eyes the government had employed to investigate embarrassing leaks by civil servants."
  2. I wish I could say unbelievable but unfortunately, with this Government, it isn't.
  3. Can't wait until some spotty Scandinavian schoolkid cracks the encryption tech live on Youtube! :twisted:
  4. As far as I'm aware, your Local Council already has the right to enter your home without warrant. So that they can assess that your property is in the correct council tax band.
  5. There are five companies in the running for contracts to create the national ID card. They are IBM(US), Fujitsu(JAP), Computer Sciences Corporation(Not sure), EDS(Great Record?) and Thales(French).

    Do we really want any of that lot?

    I am terrified of the whole idea.

    It is just too easy for all of the above to totally screw up. And no minister will be taken to task 'cos it was not his fault.

    When will we realise that privatising everything is not the only answer?
  6. Its a complete fcuking disaster waiting to happen. I can't believe it has got this far already. An absolute nightmare scenario.
  7. about the same time they accept the moon is not made of cheese...and MPS and ex MPS are no longer allowed to become executive or non executive directors.

    so back to moon made of cheese theory :x
  8. Like to see this question brought up on Mondays debate in the chamber...Mind you Tinfoil on The times is unfortunatly becoming unfortunately an upmarket version of the sun for Murdoch's mischief making...Tinfoil off :x
  9. Shami Chakra-barti - Fcuk wit who annoys the p1ss out of me.

    However sadly I find myself agreeing with her.

    Even if they don't get their own way they'll just use existing powers.

    "You there ID Card person, I believe you to be a terrorist." :roll:
  10. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister was meant to political satire not an instructional video for government. Almost everything in those series has come true. Who says you couldn't make it up.