PLAN Proxy bidding on HMS Invincible

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DPM_Sheep, Jan 6, 2011.

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  1. Cross posting from Mil

    Interesting article about a chinese businessman bidding on the Vince. Claims to want to buy it and tow it to China and turn it into a buisness school. Didn't they say something similar about the Varyag?

    Un Chinois pense acheter le porte-avions anglais HMS Invincible pour 40 milllions de yuans-Le Quotidien du Peuple en ligne

    Google translation.

  2. 2 mil for a carrier?
  3. Yep, it was originally supposed to be a floating casino bought by a Macau company, the Chong Lot Travel Agency - which turned our to be a front for a HK-based shipping firm Chinluck Holding Co. Ltd that had close ties to PLAN.

    Chong Lot bought the hulk from the Ukrainians in 1998 and finally got permission to tow it through the Bosporus in 2001. Shortly after the Varyag arrived in the Dalian Naval Yard, they ceased trading. She's called the Shilang now.
  4. So - given China's military ambition in the Pacific and the fact she has some life in her, is there anything to stop a front company bidding on Invincible, handing it over to the Chinese navy, for them to put into service as a helicopter carrier until the J15 and her own carriers enter service? Twenty mil would be a bargain basement price.

    IIRC she was about to be flogged in 1982 as surplus to requirements, until we discovered in the nick of time we did have a requirement.....unfortunately, this time, if we discover a requirement for air cover for our navy any time in the next ten years, it's too late and we are fu*ked
  5. And what would they get out of it? A rusty 30 old ship with almost no working machinery. its not like the chinese have any STOVL aircraft to fly off her or learn we used her. Any equipment that we wouldnt want the chinese to have probably got removed for spares ages ago.
  6. Constructional techniques.
  7. No doubt handy for both building your own and studying how to sink one.