Plan EX. Winter aid

Has anyone else completed this?

I may be going crazy but I've read the brief over and over and think i've found a mistake in the answers sheet.

The answers state that on the "metalled road" (shown in yellow on the map) you can only travel at 15mph when on the regular road you can travel at 25mph.

I can't find anything on the brief that would suggest that you can't travel at 25mph on the yellow road? (other than the tizdach forest road where you are slowed down by refugees)

I'm ready to be proven wrong as I have a habit of missing information on these exercises but this one is driving me mad!!



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I can understand why you're confused as the map shows the road branching off in two directions: one towards the Tizdach Forest and one towards the track in the east. But for the purposes of the exercise I think you can take the 15mph to apply to both sections, because the key shows the yellow line as 'road'. The 25mph applies only to the red line, referred to as Route 930 at all times.

The road referred to in the brief is the 'The Tizdah Forest road', and states it 'has a reasonable surface but it is likely to be used by refugees. As a result your speed would be reduced to 15mph'.

Therefore refugees are not necessarily using only the section of the road that goes towards the forest, but also the section that goes east (the bit you are confused about). You may have been distracted by the fact is says that 'the partisans are using the woods for cover'.

So take the road to be 15mph in all places.

Does that help?
I do think though that the "tizdach forest road" should be used in they key so as to clear up any confusion on this point as I think it's a fair assumption that the "Tizdach forest road" would be the one that goes through the forest?!

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