Plan B - Martin McGuinness

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whiskybreath, Nov 12, 2006.

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  1. MoD Oracle report

    So, let's try to see what this may be about, then. Normal policing, perhaps? The concept of 'terrorism'? OTRs?

    Provisional Sinn Fein is an organised criminal conspiracy. They have no intention of allowing any sort of legitimate democracy to breed in Ireland, North and/or South when they take power. So McGuinness wants 'Plan B', which is what? Another major step in the appeasement process?

    If 'Plan B' involves yet another departure from natural justice, the people of Northern Ireland and the Republic will be saddled with just another problem to be squabbled over for another hundred years, and the short-sghted stupidity of those who approve it will be added to the stupid record of the fools who've overseen this swamp for the last four centuries.
  2. (You may have discerned, by the way, that I have lost patience with the cretinism of the Irish Question.)
  3. just another wiggle in the long road to normalisation........ as Christine Whatsername famously said, "well, he would say that, wouldn't he?!" - I wouldn't get too aerated about it WB, I suspect we'll be seeing plenty more posturing yet! :D
  4. Mandy Rice- Davies I believe
  5. Welcome to my club. Soon with tie, socks, tie-pins and shamrock with dog sh*t on it wallpaper for p.c.s
  6. Dammit, when I read the thread title, I immediately thought of Ghillie suits and 600m clear line of sight...
  7. I do believe Lloyd George once said...........'when they find a solution to the Irish problem, the Irish will find another problem'.........ho hum.
  8. Er Yes we'd get sum sense from Randy Mice Davies.
    Any non Irishman who claims to understand The Troubles is beyond saving.
  9. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    I fear any Irishman who claims to understand The Troubles is also beyond saving...........
  10. Plan B might be ok for McGuinness but the republican dissidents are now on Plan C and Plan C features Mr McGuinness amongst other Armanis.

    So there is SOME good news.
  11. Use my plan - withdraw all British troops. Leave a nominal peace time garrison. Place the onus on all residents of Northern Ireland to vote if they want to belong to Eire or the Uk and follow the majority vote.

    If it becomes a part of Eire, join a loyalist organisation and give those southern shandy drinkers a taste of their own medicine.