Plakky Pub, Thiepval Bks, Lisburn, Ulster

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by PapaGolf, Mar 3, 2010.

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  1. Anyone got any piccies?
    I was there when the fecking Naafi slag tw@s pulled it down. Asbestos my arrse! Fecking degenerates, another quality bar ruined by the Naafi privatisation nazi's. May your next sh1te be hedgehogs and you die of aids. Cheers
  2. Didn't need to use it, we had our own bar to save mixing with the undesirables. ;)
  3. Remember it well. Should have been kept as a museum piece.
  4. Remember it well too, been bladdered in there once or twice. IMHO the one at Palace was better though.
  5. There was a rumour going round in 95 that someone had applied for 'Listed Building Status'.
  6. It was a revolutionary idea, iconic of "The Troubles" experience from the squaddies perspective. The Chogie shops were equally unconventional and utterly brilliant -unlike NAAFI. Sh*t! Never thought I'd feel nostalgic about the Bog Isle. :lol:
  7. A little more truthful? :)
  8. Never used the one in Lisburn! But did get bladdered several times in the one at Moscow Camp! Even drunk a pint of vinigar from the pickled egg jar :lol:
  9. Probably!! :D :D :D
  10. I was at Moscow 92-94 and 98-2001, the Plakky Pub was only open once and that was a private function and it was a shite hole.
  11. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Lived in Palace for 18mths. Visited the plastic pub once - that was enough: when our 3rd Bn replaced us (just in time for all the fun to kick off in the wake of B Sands esq winning Daily Mirror Slimmer of the Year, which saw all ranks and families confined to camp when not armed to the teeth* and on duty) I'm sure it was well-used.

    I was curious, simply because the manufacturers (Ayala design, IIRC) were based in Ickenham (on route to my Gran's) and won a Queens Award to Brit Industry** for the plakky pub idea.

    In the late 70s/early 80s they were shipping them to expats all over the world.
    * no - they didn't arm the families to the teeth and send them out on duty . . . .

    ** AKA "the kiss of death". I can't find any mention of them online today. But hey - it was an early Thatcherite cottage industry.
  12. There is a fecking huge one in Bulgaria, owned by Oggi the local mafia godfather, i think it was shipped over years ago as promo for John Smiths. Still, good beer in there now though
  13. I was attached to your 3rd Bn from Sept 1981 until their departure for Berlin in early 1983, & stuck around for a while with their Scots successors at Palace. The reason I liked the plakky pub there was because it was mostly used by people from the one unit, which gave it a more welcoming atmosphere than if it had been used by quite a few different units as was the Thiepval one.
    Yes, it was well-attended following the demise of Monsieur Sands, & it wasn't too far to stagger to my bunk from there after a good sesh. Always quality entertainment in there, I can remember a certain pad's wife who used to put out regularly in there, & used to have a sweepstake on who she would take home...... 8O Happy days, best 2 years of my career!
  14. I was there in 83 and it was open most nights :D
    Was a shite hole then too :D
  15. The placcy pub in Mahon Road is still standing, and unlocked. Gutted out but the fixed furniture and bar etc are still in there. Had a nosey round it a few weeks ago. The first time I'd been inside it in nearly twenty years! If only walls could talk. I'd say it saw some monumental do's, especially around the heavy days of Drumcree when the place down there was like something out of a movie set. (Looking around now I'm struggling to figure out how they squeezed everybody and their kit into the place)