Plague outbreak - Jan 18


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Had a bit of a general search and could not see anywhere that related - mods feel free to tidy if required.

Seems that while we've been busy fretting ourselves over Bitcoin, Carillion and whether tea will still be available once we've abandoned the Continent to its fate, in a lesser known part of the world 2,200 people have contracted Bubonic plague.

Madagascar plague death toll rises in 'worst outbreak for 50 years'

Why plague caught Madagascar unaware

Madagascar Plague: What You Should Know About the Outbreak

Well at the least, a lot of newly minted sub editors have learned how to spell 'plague' correctly.

Plainly I was asleep for most of November...

Centre for Disease Control gadgy HERE
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It's never gone away; we got vaccinated for it before the first Gulf unpleasantness. Cases crop up in New Mexico occasionally. Think we are OK in Europe since most of those without genetic resistance to the Black Death were removed from the gene pool!
Oh that plague!
I was worried there for a minute we were going to get another plague of homeless jock drunks.
'British Army Trials Latest CBRN Kit'



What is the NSN for Plague, Bubonic, Wishing Upon Houses, For The Use Of?

Just asking for a friend who lives in a large complex under a dead volcano attended by many disposable troops wearing overalls and construction helmets.
I read somewhere the jewel that is India has an on going problem with the black death, oh and let us also not forget anthrax and typhus.
Funny the OP started this thread,as I've been wondering about all the weird illnesses that have suddenly (?) sprung up.

Spanish Flu / Australian Flu - and other this - it seems as though we're in for another bout of insane panic !!
One of the locals in the Pub said - "It's all down to all these bloody immigrants,innit ?"

It's a bit hard to deny THAT possibility,but it IS possible,when you think of the diseases in places that immigrants come from - Syria / Libya / Yemen / and other States in the throes of War.

Not forgetting our usual winter pleasure of 'Flu - of course Manflu is the most severe - as Grey fergie points out :smile:

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